Not to be confused with Book of Light and Day.

Book of Light is a holy Saradominist book that contains verses which idolise Saradomin and his might in some way, similar to Saradomin's holy book. The Missionary apparently read this book so much that he memorised the transcript of the book and he uses it to support his ideas. This book cannot be obtained by players.

Known VersesEdit

  • "Saradomin's light is strongest in the dark."
  • "Saradomin brought light to plants and beasts of the field."
  • "There was no light in their eyes, and the lack of hope was their downfall."
  • "And the enemies of Saradomin gathered in the shadows but Saradomin's light exposed their schemes and they suffered a great and terrible vengeance."
  • "The love of Saradomin is ever-forgiving."

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