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Bonus Boosters is a Treasure Hunter promotion and may not currently be active.

Bonus Boosters is a Treasure Hunter promotion originally released in March 2017 that introduced four boosters which could be activated within Treasure Hunter for different perks.


Only one perk can be active at a time. After the perk's effect runs out, it can't be used again until a cooldown is suffered. Other perks can still be used while one is on cooldown.

The following table lists information about all the available perks:

Name Description Length (in keys used) Cooldown (in keys used) Further information
Lucky Purple! Activate to ensure your next prize is of purple rarity! 1 200 This perk starts on cooldown. It provides access to the following discontinued lucky items in addition to current purple prizes:
Multiplier! Activate to randomly boost the number of prizes you will receive, up to 5x prizes from each chest! 5 10 All five chests will use the same multiplier. The multiplier can be either 3 or 5.
Extrasensory! Activate to look inside the chests to see the gem rarity before selecting your prize! 5 10 Two to four chests' rarities are shown while the remaining remain unknown.
Prismatic! Activate to turn all your lamps and stars Prismatic for a number of chests! 5 10

Release historyEdit

Start Date End Date Promo Update
25 April 2017 2nd Chance Tuesday N/A
30 March 2017 3 April 2017 Bonus Boosters Bonus Boosters

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