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Bonemeal is an item that is used to worship the Ectofuntus. It consists of a pot filled with any kind of bones that have been crushed in the bone grinder at the Ectofuntus.

Along with a bucket of ectoplasm, players may use a pot of bonemeal to make 5 ecto-tokens. The bones used in the bonemeal give 4 times the prayer experience when used to worship the Ectofuntus.

Types of bonemeal
Bonemeal XP Cost of bones
Airut 132.5 5,977
Baby dragon 30 761
Bat 5.3 368
Big 15 381
Normal 4.5 264
Burnt 4.5 802
Dagannoth 125 5,338
Dragon 72 1,681
Fayrg 84 7,076
Frost dragon 180 12,054
Hardened dragon 144 7,404
Jogre 15 914
Monkey 5 605
Ourg 140 13,017
Raurg 96 59,772
Reinforced dragon 190 12,904
Shaikahan 25 5,428
Wolf 4.5 967
Wyvern 50 4,087
Zogre 22.5 588


  • On 27 January 2009 the left click empty option was replaced with use to prevent players from accidentally emptying their bonemeal.
  • On 11 April 2016, all the bonemeal names were changed to include the type of bone it used. Previously all types except Airut bonemeal were named "bonemeal".

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