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Body bar detail

A Body bar is made during and after the Elemental Workshop III quest in the Elemental Workshop in Seer's Village. A body bar can be created by placing a primed bar into the slot found in the body room on the third floor of the Elemental Workshop, pulling the lever in the room next to it and pushing the big red button - this causes a player's Defence level to temporarily fall by 33. You must have a Defence level of at least 33 to push the big red button, although boosts work.

A primed body bar can be smithed into a body helmet, body gloves, body boots, body shield or body body (requires 2 body bars) by using it on the anvil in the first level of the Elemental Workshop. See each equipment page for more details.

The full set, currently consisting of body, helmet, shield, gloves and boots, requires a total of six body bars to make.


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