Bobbleheads are pets that include the Barrows brothers, as well as various Mahjarrats and other characters.


Dharok the Bobbled pet

The Barrows bobbleheads can be made using 250 Malevolent energy and the respective Barrows armour set of the brother you want to make a pet of. There are six variants:

Occasionally, the bobblehead may say "You'll never defeat us" or "For Sliske", flipping their weapons in the air before catching it. Other players who interact with the bobblehead will be shown how many Barrows: Rise of the Six kills that the owner has.

If all six Barrows bobbleheads meet each other, they will perform some unique emotes. All six must be from different players; even if one player has all six in the menagerie, their unique emotes will not occur.

In order to use the Barrows brother emote with all six pets, the owners of each of the respective pets must first interact with the bobbleheads until the Barrows pet they own asks about his brothers and is granted permission to interact with other pets. All of the six brothers must be present and have "permission" to interact with each other to do the emotes.

Obtaining all six barrow bobbleheads is a requirement for the Insane Final Boss title, and also a requirement for the [Name] Banisher of Shadows title. This would cost 401,833,932


Tiny Zemouregal

Mahjarrat bobbleheads include: