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Bob Barter (herbs)
Bob Barter
Release date 26 November 2007 (Update)
Race Human
Members only No
Quest NPC No
Location Grand Exchange
Sells items No
Gender Male
Examine He's probably seen better days.
Bob Barter (herbs) location
Bob Barter chathead

Bob Barter is one of the Market Price Guides located in the north-west corner of the Grand Exchange.

Bob appears to be poor, garbed in unwashed clothing. However, he is actually a wealthy merchant from East Ardougne. By pretending to be poor, he is able to more easily manipulate the businesses and individuals he trades and deals with.

With the update of 9 September 2008, players can now talk to him and he will combine any 3-dose, 2-dose and 1-dose potions (noted or unnoted) in your inventory into vials containing 4 doses. He will also combine barbarian potions, olive oil, sacred oilJuju potions and calquat kegs. He will not however combine Perfect juju potions. With the update of 24 November 2010, players can now take potions in note form to be combined as well as un-noted potions.

Bob barter symbol1

The symbol on the ground next to Bob.

Bob has also been updated to allow a player to choose which dosage s/he wants the potion as, either 4-dose, 3-dose or 2-dose. When combining 4-dose potions into 2-dose more vials are required, you can either supply your own vials or Bob can do the same but charge you the 2 GP for a vial. This is the same for Juju vials.

When spoken to, Bob Barter can toggle whether to discard the empty vial after a potion is finished or to keep it.

If right clicked he can show you the current market price of popular herbs. The herbs listed are:


  • Bob's name is a play on the name Bob Barker, who was the host of "The Price is Right", and barter, a type of trading.
  • Bob will also decant noted potions, and will automatically note the decanted potion and empty vials. This way he can decant a very large number of potions in one go (2,147,483,647 per type of potion, up to 27 types).
    • If the player has both noted and unnoted potions, Bob can decant both types as once but separately; he cannot decant noted and unnoted potions into one product.
  • Zahur in Nardah will decant 4-dose potions into 3-dose potions, for a small fee of 50 coins per inventory converted (regardless of how many potions are in inventory).
  • When asking him for prices while logged on an F2P world, you will see the prices, however you won't see herbs' names - they will all be called "Member's object".
  • He will randomly shout, "I'm in the money!" which is a quote from the commercial by the company "JG Wentworth".
  • He plays a small role in the 2011 Thanksgiving event in which King Roald needs the player to order a delivery from him and other merchants.

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