Bob (smith) chathead

Bob is a non-player character who owns Bob's Brilliant Axes in Lumbridge. He sells axes, including battleaxes, hatchets, and a bronze pickaxe. He is also able to repair Barrows equipment at the normal price. In addition, Bob can recharge the frozen key, Torva armour, Virtus armour, Pernix armour, drygore weaponry, the ascension crossbow plus its off-hand variant, the seismic wand and its off-hand variant, the malevolent, vengeful, and merciless kiteshields, and the Zaryte bow. The fliers supporting his business can be seen frequently around the world of Gielinor. Bob also gives out rewards for the easy Lumbridge and Draynor Tasks.

Quest involvementEdit

Bob is also featured briefly in the quest Death to the Dorgeshuun, which shows him to be xenophobic towards the Dorgeshuun. Believing Zanik to be a violent goblin, he screams at the player and Zanik to leave his store.

He is one of the people in Lumbridge that can be approached about the disturbance to the castle basement wall in the quest The Lost Tribe.


Bob's baxes

The updated battleaxes and hatchets.

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