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Blurite bolts (unf) detail

Unfinished blurite bolts are blurite bolts before flights are added. 10 unfinished blurite bolts can be smithed from a blurite bar, granting 17 Smithing experience and requiring a Smithing level of 8 and that the player has completed The Knight's Sword.

To finish unfinished blurite bolts, a player must add flights. Attaching flights to each bolt requires a Fletching level of 24 and 1 feather, granting 1 Fletching experience per bolt.


Blurite bolts (unf) 5 Blurite bolts (unf) ×10
Smithing-Make-X GE icon
17.5 XP--
Smithing Smithing level8
Quests Completed The Knight's Sword
P2P icon Members onlyNo
Blurite barBlurite bar1N/A-


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