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Blurberry's Bar
Blurberry's Bar
Release date 12 December 2002 (Update)
Location Inside the Grand Tree, and near the Gnome Ball arena.
Members Yes
Sells Blurberry special, Fruit blast, Pineapple punch, Short green guy, Wizard blizzard, Drunk dragon, Chocolate saturday (all premade)
NPCs Grand Tree: Blurberry, 2 Barman, Daero. Gnomeball Arena: Barman.
Monsters Grand Tree: Gnome, Gnome woman. Gnomeball Arena: 3 Gnomes
Related quests Bar Crawl
Monkey Madness
Death Plateau
Blurberry location

Blurberry's Bar is located inside the Grand Tree in the Gnome Stronghold. To get there, the player must climb to the 1st floor[UK] and turn east. Players may talk to Blurberry to learn the art of gnome cuisine, which will then allow players to begin playing the minigame Gnome Restaurant. The bar also sells premade drinks such as Fruit blasts, Wizard blizzards, and its speciality, Blurberry specials. These premade drinks cannot be used for Gnome Restaurant or for the quest Recipe for Disaster. This bar is also involved in the Bar Crawl.

At the other side of the Grand Tree on the same floor is a bank. There is also a gnomish cooking range which can be used to prepare gnome foods and to heat certain gnome drinks. Players may also talk to Aluft Gianne Jr to play Gnome Restaurant (if they have learned the art of gnome cuisine from Blurberry).

Near the Gnome Ball field is a second Blurberry's bar with the same stock and prices as the one in the Grand Tree. This one, however, is rarely used because the Grand Tree bar is closer to a bank.


Item Number
in stock
sold at
bought at
GE resale
Premade Blurberry special Premade Blurberry special 10 30 coins 18 75 450
Premade chocolate saturday Premade chocolate saturday 10 30 coins 18 24 -60
Premade drunk dragon Premade drunk dragon 10 30 coins 18 46 160
Premade fruit blast Premade fruit blast 10 30 coins 18 54 240
Premade pineapple punch Premade pineapple punch 10 30 coins 18 46 160
Premade sgg Premade sgg 10 30 coins 18 33 30
Premade wizard blizzard Premade wizard blizzard 10 30 coins 18 32 20

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