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Fire Blast

A player casting Fire Blast.

Blast spells are the third strongest elemental group of magic combat spells in the standard spellbook, and the strongest available to free players. Elemental staves can be used to cut the costs of these spells.

Fire Blast is the most damaging free-to-play spell, and it is often used in PvP activities.

All four Blast spells must be used in the Family Crest quest to defeat the demon, Chronozon.

Spell Requirement Runes Base damage Cost
Air Blast icon Air Blast Magic-icon 41 3Air rune 393 - 585 60 coins
Water Blast icon Water Blast Magic-icon 47 3Water rune3Air rune 451 - 614 93 coins
Earth Blast icon Earth Blast Magic-icon 53 3Earth rune3Air rune 508 - 662 90 coins
Fire Blast icon Fire Blast Magic-icon 59 3Fire rune3Air rune 566 - 710 264 coins


  • On 24 June 2010, all of the elemental spells received a graphical make-over.

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