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Black Santa hat was discontinued from RuneScape after an update, but still exists in-game for those who have it.
For the red version, see Santa hat.
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Black Santa hat detail
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The black Santa hat is a tradeable discontinued item players were able to obtain during the 15 Days of Christmas mini-event, starting on 20 December 2013, ending on 3 January 2014. The hat could be obtained by pulling a festive cracker, with a drop chance of 1 in 2000.[1] Wearing Christmas themed items increased the chance of crackers dropping while training any skill by 20% for each festive item equipped (for a maximum of 120% increased chance).

During the 15 Days of Christmas in 2013, this item, along with other Christmas-themed equipment, were given the hybrid style of combat, and stats that scaled with the player's levels. This was so players could use these items in combat to assist in hunting for festive crackers during the event.

After an update, the black Santa hat can be reversibly combined with a Santa beard to obtain a black Santa hat with beard. The same can be done for the Santa hat, making a Santa hat with beard.

Combat StatsBlack Santa hat equipped
Skill requirements
NoneHead slot
Constitution-iconLife points0
Style bonuses


  • Before its release, Mod Matthe transformed his character into a black Santa hat and moved around Lumbridge, showing the item's appearance to players.
  • When a player received a black Santa hat from a festive cracker, special fireworks would appear above the player and a server-wide announcement was made, saying: Someone pulled their festive cracker and received a black Santa hat!
  • The black Santa hat is the most valuable discontinued item to be released since 2002, and is one of only two modern discontinued items (the other being the holly wreath) to surpass the values of the h'ween masks and the original Santa hat.


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  1. ^ Jagex. Mod Michelle's Twitter account. 20 December 2013. Mod Michelle: "it was me, yes. Pretty sure the 10,000 came from someone reading the drop table reference wrongly"

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