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Black Ibis outfit equipped
Black ibis outfit female equipped

The Black ibis outfit is a reward that can be obtained in the Pyramid Plunder minigame. The full set gives a 5% boost to the player's Thieving experience, up to a maximum of 700 experience per action when worn. This boost can stack with other Thieving experience boosts.

Searching the urns or sarcophagi within Pyramid Plunder will yield a chance of finding a piece of the Black ibis set. If the player has the sceptre of the gods equipped, the chance is increased. Unlike the sceptre drop, the player is not expelled from the pyramid when they find a piece of the outfit. Instead, a dialogue box will pop up notifying the player of what they found. If the player's inventory is full, the outfit piece will replace an artefact in a similar manner to receiving a strange rock piece.

The complete set may be placed in the Armour case in the Costume room of a player-owned house.

The Black ibis outfit is difficult to obtain as it generally takes at least a few million Thieving experience per one piece of the set, although there is an unlikely chance of getting more than one piece in a single run of Pyramid Plunder.

Experience boostEdit

Item XP boost
Black ibis mask Black ibis mask 1%
Black ibis body Black ibis body 1%
Black ibis legs Black ibis legs 1%
Black ibis boots Black ibis boots 1%
Sub-total 4%
Set bonus 1%
Full set 5%


  • Previously, no experience was gained whilst wearing the Black ibis outfit at Pyramid Plunder, however opening the doors to enter the Jalsavrah Pyramid would award multiplied experience.
  • The outfit received, as with all the other experience-boosting sets existing at that point, an increase to the boost it provided, from 2.5% to 5%. This update occurred on 26 September 2012, but went official on 28 September alongside the 4 new experience-boosting sets.
  • After a player has looted a part of the Black ibis outfit, their Adventurer's Log will say: "Whilst plundering the Pyramids I looted a Black ibis (part's name)".

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