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Black armour set (lg) equipped

Black equipment consists of weapons and armour stronger than steel equipment, yet weaker than mithril equipment. As with all things black, they have a black colour. Black, along with its counterpart White, is a coloured form of Steel as a result from specialised forging techniques which also slightly increase its defensive capability.[1]

Disassembling black equipment (weapons and armour) always gives knightly components.


Black weapons give medium attack bonuses. Players require an Attack level of 25 to wield them. Black in general is much more expensive than steel as many players like the dark black colour as well as the fact that some black items cannot be bought from stores. Because of this, some high-level players may still be seen wielding black weapons and armour. All black items cannot be smithed. Black armour is comparable to white armour, unlocked after the Wanted! quest. However, white armour is for members only and has a slight Prayer bonus. Players wishing to fight the Tormented wraith after the Summer's End quest must equip black armour and weapons.

Image Name GE Price
Black dagger Black dagger 612 coins
Off-hand black dagger Off-hand black dagger 357 coins
Black hatchet Black hatchet 1,002 coins
Black mace Black mace 2,117 coins
Off-hand black mace Off-hand black mace 2,748 coins
Black claw Black claw 974 coins
Off-hand black claw Off-hand black claw 776 coins
Black sword Black sword 1,529 coins
Off-hand black sword Off-hand black sword 249 coins
Black longsword Black longsword 1,519 coins
Off-hand black longsword Off-hand black longsword 554 coins
Black scimitar Black scimitar 2,111 coins
Off-hand black scimitar Off-hand black scimitar 488 coins
Black spear Black spear 565 coins
Black warhammer Black warhammer 1,250 coins
Off-hand black warhammer Off-hand black warhammer 396 coins
Black battleaxe Black battleaxe 1,905 coins
Off-hand black battleaxe Off-hand black battleaxe 1,253 coins
Black 2h sword Black two-handed sword 2,293 coins
Black halberd Black halberd 5,829 coins
Black defender Black defender Not sold
Black cane Black cane 531,965 coins
Black crossbow Black crossbow 1,753 coins
Off-hand black crossbow Off-hand black crossbow 7,851 coins
Black 2h crossbow Black 2h crossbow 6,309 coins
Black knife Black knife 213 coins
Off-hand black knife Off-hand black knife 43 coins
Black dart Black dart 1,111 coins
Off-hand black dart Off-hand black dart 90 coins

Armour Edit

Black armour is currently the fifth-highest quality armour on the standard spectrum of metal armours (bronze to dragon). Black armour requires 25 Defence to wear. Regular full black costs around 9,000 coins. Black, along with dragon and white, are the only three metals that cannot be smithed into weapons or armour (except for the Dragon platebody and Dragon square shield).

In the March 2012 Behind the scenes it was announced that this armour, along with various others, would be given a graphical overhaul.

Regular black armour Edit

Image Name GE Price
Black helm Black helm 1,021 coins
Black full helm Black full helm 1,443 coins
Black sq shield Black sq shield 1,222 coins
Black kiteshield Black kiteshield 4,405 coins
Black chainbody Black chainbody 1,552 coins
Black platebody Black platebody 2,403 coins
Black platelegs Black platelegs 3,984 coins
Black plateskirt Black plateskirt 2,498 coins
Black boots Black boots 556 coins
Culinaromancer's gloves 5 Black gloves 1,000 coins *
Black gauntlets Black gauntlets 2,421 coins

* Untradeable, can be bought after rescuing a certain number of characters within the Recipe for Disaster quest.

Elite black armourEdit

Players can obtain special items of black armour, called Elite black armour, during and after the While Guthix Sleeps quest. Elite black armour requires 40 Defence to wear and is roughly the equivalent of Adamant armour. Players can wear this armour without having started the quest (and can purchase it on the Grand Exchange, although it is somewhat expensive). This armour is members only.

Image Name GE Price
Elite black full helm Elite black full helm 25,022 coins
Elite black platebody Elite black platebody 35,909 coins
Elite black platelegs Elite black platelegs 46,281 coins

Black Knight captain's armourEdit

Players will obtain Captain Dulcin's special armour during the Death of Chivalry quest. It has no stat boosts or bonuses, existing only as cosmetic armour. After the quest, it can be obtained as a cosmetic override by replaying the fight against Dawn.

Other black armour Edit

Trimmed armour has the same bonuses as standard black armour, however it is more expensive. These can be obtained by members from Treasure Trails or for free players by buying in Grand Exchange.

Trimmed Edit

Gold Trimmed Edit


Black items that do not existEdit

  • Black arrows
  • Black javelins
  • Black pickaxe
  • Black throwing axe
  • Black hasta
  • Black ore
  • Black bar



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