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Black d'hide chaps detail

Black dragonhide chaps are part of the black dragonhide armour set worn in the legwear slot. Black dragonhide chaps are available to member rangers and require 60 Defence to wear.

Members can create a black dragonhide chaps with the Crafting skill at level 82 from two black dragonleathers; creating one grants the player 172 Crafting experience.

Combat Stats
RequirementsBlack dragonhide armour equipped
60 Defence-icon
Ranged RangedLegs slot
60Tank armour
AttributesDamage reduction
Defence-iconArmour249PvM: 1.2%PvP: 3.15%
Constitution-iconLife points0Style bonuses
Black d'hide chaps Black d'hide chaps
Crafting-icon-Make-X GE icon
172 XP-3,382
Crafting-icon Crafting level82
P2P icon Members only?Yes
Black dragon leatherBlack dragon leather23,9267,852
Total price7,861

Dropping monsters Edit

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Casket (CS Week)N/A1Common
Elite Dark Ranger981Very rare
Security Casket (CS Week)N/A1Common
WildyWyrm (historical)N/A1Common

Production costsEdit

The data in this table is based on the current Grand Exchange prices. It is accurate assuming the items are bought off of the Grand Exchange and the completed Black d'hide chaps are sold afterwards.

Method Material cost Profit/loss Profit/xp (Bonus experience)
Tanning Black dragonhide 7,448 -4,066 -23.64 (-11.82)
Buying Black dragonleather 7,852 -4,470 -25.99 (-12.99)


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Facts about "Black d'hide chaps"RDF feed
All Is members onlytrue
All Item ID2,497 +
All Junk chance34 +
All Release date22 March 2004 +
All Value6,220 +
All Weight5.443 +
Is members onlytrue
Item ID2,497 +
Junk chance34 +
Made from itemThread + and Black dragon leather +
Production JSON{ "product": "Black d'hide chaps", "i{ "product": "Black d'hide chaps", "image": "[[File:Black d'hide chaps.png|link=Black d'hide chaps]]", "mats": [ { "name": "Thread", "quantity": "1", "image": "Thread.png" },{ "name": "Black dragon leather", "quantity": "2", "image": "Black dragon leather.png" } ], "skill": "Crafting", "level": "82" } "skill": "Crafting", "level": "82" }
Release date22 March 2004 +
Value6,220 +
Weight5.443 +

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