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Black Knight captain's armour equipped

A player wearing the Black Knight captain's armour.

The Death of Chivalry soldier concept art

Concept art of the armour.

Captain Dulcin's armour is a cosmetic armour set obtained and used during The Death of Chivalry quest. It is found in the garden of Edgeville Monastery after starting the quest, and is used to impersonate Captain Dulcin. This armour will make the wearer appear male if they are female.


After the quest it serves no useful purpose, apart from using it to enter the Black Knights' Fortress and can be reobtained from the same location. It is made up of five items, none of which have any bonuses:

A full set of this armour can be stored in the armour case of a player-owned house.

Cosmetic overrideEdit

On 10 September 2013 it was made possible to get a cosmetic override of the armour by replaying the fight against Dawn. It is listed in the customisation interface as Dulcin's armour. The override can also be used to access the Fortress. All NPCs will treat you as Captain Dulcin while the override is in use. This can be done by using the Skull of Remembrance on Dawn's dead body and defeating her again.

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