Black Friday was a Solomon's General Store sale promotion that began on 27 November 2015.


This occurred between 25 and 27 November 2016. During this time the following items were discounted in addition to the regular Weekly Sales.

Merchandise Discount
Gossamer Outfit 25%
Dark Lord Pack 75%
Zaros Pack 75%
Satyr Outfit 25%
Flourishing Fairy Outfit 25%
Scorpion Outfit 50%
Griffin Outfit 50%
Lion Outfit 50%
Royal Eastern Outfit 50%
Navigator Outfit 50%
Rogue Outfit 50%
Ancient Outfit 50%
Revenant Outfit 50%
Spirit Hunter Outfit 50%
Barbarian Outfit 50%
Fire Drake 50%


Date Merchandise Discount Percentage
27 November Assassin pack, Keepsake key 6 pack, Vitality Suit 50%
28 November Dragon wolf, Growth Surge x1, Skypouncer 50%
29 November Chameleon Extract 6 pack, Nomad Outfit, Zaros Pack 50%

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