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The Black Arm Gang are the arch rivals of the Phoenix Gang and are currently at war with them. It is led by Katrine Raven. The gang itself has one side of the Shield of Arrav.

Black Arm Gang Map

According to Straven (the leader of the Phoenix Gang), the original members of the Black Arm Gang were once part of the Phoenix Gang. After a quarrel this faction broke away, split and took half of the Shield of Arrav in one of their battles, and formed the Black Arm Gang.

This gang is greatly involved with Shield of Arrav and Heroes' Quest quests. The main base of the gang is in Varrock, but they also have another in Brimhaven.

Players without a gang can join this gang in the Shield of Arrav quest after giving Katrine two Phoenix crossbows. Also, players who have joined the Phoenix Gang will not be able to join this gang. Therefore, if you want to complete the quest, you need a friend who is not a member of your gang.


Black Arm Gang Hideout

The entrance to the hideout of the notorious Black Arm Gang.

Black Arm Gang Headquarters

The well-furnished (and probably stolen) interior of the Black Arm Gang's headquarters.


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