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Bittercap mushroom spore detail

Bittercap mushroom spores are dropped by Vampyres, Ogres, Moss giants, Cockroach soldiers, Ankous, fungal magi, and other monsters. With level 53 Farming, they can be planted at a mushroom patch. Six bittercap mushrooms can be harvested.

A nearby gardener will not watch over your growing bittercap mushrooms. Upon completing the medium Morytania Tasks, however, the Canifis patch becomes permanently immunised against disease. The Isafdar patch requires completion of the medium Tirannwn tasks.

Before the introduction of the Morchella mushroom and spore, these were just named "mushroom spore".

Bittercap mushroom spores may be bought at 800 Vinesweeper points each with Mrs. Winkin. However, it is much cheaper to get it at the Grand Exchange.

Bittercap mushroom spore
Farming level 53
Patch Mushroom
Payment N/A
Time 240 minutes (6x40 minutes)
Seeds per 1 seed
Planting 61.5
Harvesting 57.7
Crop Bittercap mushroom
Yield[?] 6
Stage Description Image
Healthy Bittercap mushrooms
1 The mushroom spore has only just been planted. Bittercap1
2 The mushrooms grow a little taller. Bittercap2
3 The mushrooms grow a little taller. Bittercap3
4 The mushrooms grow a little larger. Bittercap4
5 The mushrooms grow a little larger. Bittercap5
6 The mushrooms tops grow a little wider. Bittercap6
7 The mushrooms are ready to harvest. Bittercap7

Drop sourcesEdit

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Ankou60; 61; 631Rare
Chaos dwogre92; 981Rare
Cockroach soldier361Rare
Cyclops 57; 63; 68; 911Unknown
Earth warrior781Common
Feral vampyre611–2Uncommon
Fungal mage811Uncommon
Hobgoblin28; 30; 32; 35; 911Uncommon
Ice giant511Rare
Ice strykewyrm1061Rare
Ice troll female681Unknown
Ice troll grunt68UnknownUncommon
Ice troll male681Unknown
Jelly 63; 681Rare
Jogre57; 861Uncommon
Jungle strykewyrm931Uncommon
Master FarmerN/A1Rare
Moss giant 48; 51; 611Uncommon
Mountain troll751Rare
Mutated jadinko baby931Uncommon
Mutated jadinko guard961Uncommon
Mutated jadinko male1001Rare
Mutated zygomite58; 651Uncommon
Ogre 56; 67; 861Uncommon
Ravenous ghoul1051Common
Sea Snake Hatchling631Unknown
Skeletal Wyvern1091Uncommon
Skeleton fremennik23; 28; 301Uncommon
Troll spectator651Unknown


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