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This article is about the edible farming mushroom in Gielinor. For other uses, see Mushroom.
Not to be confused with Buttercap.
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Bittercap mushroom detail
A bittercap mushroom (or bittercap) is a type of fungus involved with the Farming skill. In-game they have a few different uses.

Drop sourcesEdit

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Cockroach soldier361–3Rare

Obtaining bittercap mushroomsEdit

It may be grown from a bittercap mushroom spore (taking up to 240 minutes to grow) by players with level 53 Farming in the mushroom patch near Canifis and in the patch in Isafdar. This may yield up to six mushrooms. Players with at least 74 farming are advised against planting these, as growing Morchella mushrooms are far more profitable.

Mushrooms are also dropped, one to three at a time, by cockroach soldiers. They are an uncommon drop.

Mushrooms do not usually trade very quickly. One counter-example was on 3 December 2009, when Jagex introduced fairy ring with code BJQ in the Ancient Cavern that must be planted with 5 mushrooms in order to function. This caused the mushrooms to sell extremely quickly around that time.



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