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This article is about the magic spell. For other uses, see Bind (disambiguation).
Bind icon
Members? No
Level 20
Spellbook Normal,
Type Combat
Experience 30
Runes 1Nature rune
Click animation for full size

Bind prevents creatures from moving for 12 seconds, or players for 6 seconds, and it is the only immobility spell available to free players. It is commonly utilised by free player mages in PvP areas or minigames to prevent vulnerable warriors from running away or attacking the mage. However, if the target is praying against magic, then the binding time is halved, removing most of, if not all the advantage. The only remaining effect is the target needs to click again to move or to attack. If auto-retaliate is on and bind fails to hit, the person bind was cast against will run towards the caster.

This spell may be useful in Fist of Guthix, as one cast can stop your target in their tracks allowing you to close in. However, the time is halved for all bind spells cast in there.

Remember, you cannot use Ancient Magicks or Lunar Spells if you are using standard spells.


Spell cost
1Nature rune369


  • The animation of Bind is almost identical to that of Snare other than that the latter's "vine" has a whiter colour.

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