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The Big Ticket 2010 was a contest held by Jagex. While there were meant to be 24 prizes, only 3 big tickets were given out until the contest was stopped without notice.

Big ticket

A Big Ticket as shown by Jagex.


24 prizes for an all-expenses-paid trip to Jagex Games Studio will be given away. The winners will " and question the people who put RuneScape together, settle down for a meal with Mark Gerhard (Mod MMG), get VIP treatment at an epic party, and come home with armfuls of goodies and a lifetime membership to RuneScape."[1]

Jagex will stage a series of monthly prize draws and competitions for one Big Ticket. Prizes will also be given away to "to those players who get really involved in the community."[2]


  1. The first Big Ticket will go to the winner of the current Machinima competition. Winner: Gameboy1100
  2. A prize draw was held on 26 March. Winner: Gobackl
  3. A prize draw was held on 26 April. Winner: "Shinta82"
  4. A prize draw was held on 26 May.
  5. A prize draw held on 30 June.


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