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Effort is being made to match individual monster profiles with bestiary profiles - work in progress - levels and weaknesses are being updated before moving changed levels/weaknesses of bestiaries to appropriate pages.

These bestiary pages are indices of monsters that fall within a specific range of combat levels. The lists include the monster's name, its combat level, its life points, whether or not it is a member's only monster and whether or not the monster is fought during a quest. Each entry is also colour coded as such; a legend for which colours mean what is to the right.
Peach Free-to-play
Orange Member's only
Blue Free-Play Quest monster
Purple Member's Quest monster
Index of bestiaries
1–10 51–60 101–110
11–20 61–70 111–120
21–30 71–80 121–130
31–40 81–90 131–140
41–50 91–100 141+

Monster Level LP Members? Quest? Weakness
Ice Troll_King (Fremennik Isles) 91 6,500 Yes Yes
Gelatinnoth Mother (Recipe for Disaster) 91 4,975 Yes Yes Thrown weakness icon
Hobgoblin (GWD) 91 1,000 Yes No Earth weakness icon
Mighty banshee (Smoking Kills) 91 3,250 Yes Yes Bolt weakness icon
Wallasalki 91 8,125 Yes No Arrow weakness icon
Ravenous vampyre 91 3,250 Yes No Slash weakness icon
Black Dragon 100 7,000 Yes No Bolt weakness icon