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These bestiary pages are indices of monsters that fall within a specific range of combat levels. The lists include the monster's name, its combat level, its life points, whether or not it is a member's only monster and whether or not the monster is fought during a quest. Each entry is also colour coded as such; a legend for which colours mean what is to the right.
Peach Free-to-play
Orange Member's only
Blue Free-Play Quest monster
Purple Member's Quest monster
Index of bestiaries
1–10 51–60 101–110
11–20 61–70 111–120
21–30 71–80 121–130
31–40 81–90 131–140
41–50 91–100 141+

Monster Level LP Members? Quest? Weakness
Ravager 81 5,800 Yes No Water weakness icon
Zombie 82,84,85 Yes
Dust Devil 85 8,000 Yes No Crush weakness icon
Deadly Red Spider 90 3,400 No No Crush weakness icon
Barrelchest Mk II 84 10,000 Yes Yes
Fungal mage 81 2,900 Yes No Air weakness icon
Zamorak warrior 88 Yes
Ghoul Champion 86 Yes
Mercenary axeman 88 Yes
Werewolf 90 Yes
Jungle savage 88 Yes
Sea Snake Young 90 Yes
Troll general 90 No
Mutated Zygomite 84 Yes
Bloodveld 88 Yes
Jelly 90 Yes
Green dragon 90 Yes
Riyl shade 90 Yes
Vampyre 88 Yes
Poison spider 90 No
Otherworldly being 90 Yes
Pernicious parrot 90 Yes
Brawler 89 Yes
Bloodworm 90 Yes
Pee Hat 84 3,000 Yes No Water weakness icon
Vampyre juvinate 84 Yes
Vampyre juvinate 88 Yes
Vampyre juvinate 90 Yes
Giant crypt spider 84 Yes
Cyclops 82 Yes
Cyclops 90 Yes
Broodoo victim 86 Yes
Phrin shade 86 Yes
Spidine 90 No
Pyrefiend 90 Yes
Baby tanglefoot 82 Yes
Harpie Bug Swarm 90 Yes
Swordchick 90 Yes
Tribesman 86 Yes
Tribesman 90 Yes
Gadderanks 84 Yes
Ravager 89 Yes
Sea Snake Hatchling 90 Yes
Sea Snake Young 90 Yes
Giant Sea Snake 90 Yes
Spinner 88 Yes
Desert lizard 90 Yes
Unicow 82 Yes
Kalphite worker 84 Yes
Afflicted 86 Yes
Afflicted 88 Yes
Afflicted 90 Yes
Skeleton 84 No
Risen Knight 86 Yes
Risen Knight 86 Yes
Cliff (Level 81) 81 Yes
Grotworm 90 Yes
Ranalph Devere 90 Yes
Slagilith 90 No
Yeti 90 No
Mouse 88 No
Terror dog 88 No
Tree spirit (Lost City) 90 Yes
Troll general (Troll Invasion) 90 No
Angry vampyre 84 No
Ogress 84 Yes
Slash Bash 84 No
Tyras guard 84 No
Corruption beast 90 No
Kurask minion 90 No
Mage (Clan Citadels) 90 No
Ogress warrior 90 No
Ranger (Clan Citadels) 90 No
Sea troll 90 No
Shifter 90 No
Warrior (Clan Citadels) 90 No
Jungle spider (Common) 86 3,100 Yes No Crush weakness icon
Jungle spider (Ape Atoll) 88 3,150 Yes No Crush weakness icon
Jungle spider (Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup) 89 3,200 Yes No Crush weakness icon

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