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Reason: Evolution of Combat
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These bestiary pages are indices of monsters that fall within a specific range of combat levels. The lists include the monster's name, its combat level, its life points, whether or not it is a member's only monster and whether or not the monster is fought during a quest. Each entry is also colour coded as such; a legend for which colours mean what is to the right.
Peach Free-to-play
Orange Member's only
Blue Free-Play Quest monster
Purple Member's Quest monster
Index of bestiaries
1–10 51–60 101–110
11–20 61–70 111–120
21–30 71–80 121–130
31–40 81–90 131–140
41–50 91–100 141+

Monster Level LP Members? Quest? Weakness
Shade 61 Yes
Vampire (historical) 61 No
Confusion beast 62 1,550 Yes No Fire weakness icon
Monk of Zamorak 62 No No
Skeleton 62 No
Gnome 62 Yes
Big wolf 62 No
Queen spawn 63 11,390 Yes Minigame
Tumeken's shadow 63 2,250 Yes Yes
Elvarg 63 No Yes
Banshee Champion 63 Yes Minigame
Poorly Cooked Karambwan 64 Yes Yes Water weakness icon
Undead one 64 1,300 Yes Yes Earth weakness icon
Water elemental 64 No
Fire elemental 64 No
Minotaur 64 No
Disciple of Iban 64 Yes
Miner ancestor 64 No
Revenant hobgoblin 64 No
Baby blue dragon 64 No
Air elemental 64 No
Earth elemental 64 No
Cockatrice 64 No
Summoner 64 No
Penance Ranger 64 Yes Yes
Khazard trooper 64 Yes Yes
Saradominist initiate 64 No
Bandosian ogre 64 No
Tumeken's shadow 64 No
Dwarf 64 No No
Guthixian spirit 64 No
Gnome 64 No
Zamorakian marauder 64 No
Fox 64 No
Gnome troop 64 No
Skeleton Hellhound 64 No
Giant frog 64 No
Splatter 65 3,000 Yes Minigame Earth weakness icon
Mountain troll 65 660 Yes Minigame Water weakness icon
Troll ranger 65 Yes Yes Water weakness icon
Troll spectator 65 2,350 Yes Yes Water weakness icon
Troll runt 65 No
Sado-machinist 65 No
Troll general (Troll Invasion) 65 No
Shadow spider 66 No
Skeleton 66 No
Smith ancestor 66 No
Gnome Driver 66 No
Skeleton bone thrower 66 Yes
Soulless 66 No
Ghostly wraith 66 No
Armoured zombie 66 No
Dire Wolf 66 No
Baby red dragon 68 1,700 Yes No Bolt weakness icon
Glod 68 12,000 Yes Yes
Jubster 68 2,450 Yes No Water weakness icon
Zombie swab 68 No
Chaos dwarf 68 No
Wall beast 68 No
Hopeless creature 68 No
Penance Fighter 68 Yes Yes
Black Guard 68 No
Skeleton 68 No
Gnome troop 68 No
Warrior ancestor 68 No
Skeleton (Tarn's Lair) 68 Yes
Gnome Mage 68 No
Penance Fighter (Level 69) 69 Yes Yes
Ghost 69 No
Defiler 70 3,500 Yes Minigame Stab weakness icon
Ogre trader 70 600 Yes No
Cliff 70 25,000 Yes
Giant wasp 70 2,500 Yes Yes Fire weakness icon
Lesser demon 70 5,000 Yes No Bolt weakness icon
Mummy (Pyramid Plunder) 70 2,500 Yes No Fire weakness icon
Sigmund (Another Slice of H.A.M.) 70 Yes Yes
Skeleton (Tarn's Lair) 70 2,500 Yes Yes Earth weakness icon
Witch's Experiment (Fourth Form) 70 Yes Yes
Zombie pirate 70 No
Skeletal miner 70 No
Giant ant worker 70 No
Desert lizard 70 Yes
Rockslug 70 Yes
Poison scorpion 70 Yes
Black Guard crossbowdwarf 70 Yes
Archer (Ardougne) 70 Yes No
Tumeken's shadow 70 2,500 Yes Yes
Ravager (Level 70) 70 5,000 Yes No Water weakness icon
Sorebones 70 No
Khazard commander 70 No
Jackal 70 Yes
Jungle spider 70 Yes
H.A.M. agent Walton 70 Yes Yes
Skeleton 70 No
Sunfreet 70 No
Skeleton mage 70 No
Ulfric 70 No
Spiritual warrior (The World Wakes) 70

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