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These bestiary pages are indices of monsters that fall within a specific range of combat levels. The lists include the monster's name, its combat level, its life points, whether or not it is a member's only monster and whether or not the monster is fought during a quest. Each entry is also colour coded as such; a legend for which colours mean what is to the right.
Peach Free-to-play
Orange Member's only
Blue Free-Play Quest monster
Purple Member's Quest monster
Index of bestiaries
1–10 51–60 101–110
11–20 61–70 111–120
21–30 71–80 121–130
31–40 81–90 131–140
41–50 91–100 141+

Monster Level LP Members? Quest? Weakness
Moss giant 51 3,700 No No Slash weakness icon
Ice Giant 51 3,700 No No Fire weakness icon
Hero 51 1,850 Yes No Water weakness icon
Brawler 51 Yes No Fire weakness icon
Penance Ranger 51 Yes
Pit dog (Love Story) 52 500 Yes Yes Fire weakness icon
Fortress Guard 52 1,300 No No Fire weakness icon
Zombie Champion 52 Yes Fire weakness icon
Big Frog 52 Yes Slash weakness icon
Arzinian Being of Bordanzan 53 Yes Yes
Cave crawler 53 1,900 Yes No Slash weakness icon
Dynamite 53 No
Mounted terrorbird gnome 53 No Earth weakness icon
Ravager 53 No Water weakness icon
Battle Mage 54 No Arrow weakness icon
Cliff 54 No
Customs Officer 54 No
Fear reaper 54 No Fire weakness icon
Monk of Zamorak 54 No No Arrow weakness icon
Revenant Icefiend 54 No
Risen Knight 54 No
Splatter 54 No Earth weakness icon
Witch's Experiment (Third Form) 54 No
Tumeken's shadow 55 No
Spinner 55 No Air weakness icon
Jogre 56 Yes Water weakness icon
Speedy Keith 56 No
Animated Steel Armour 56 Yes Crush weakness icon
Jailer 56 No
Warrior 56 No Fire weakness icon
Donny the Lad 56 No
King Scorpion 56 Yes Crush weakness icon
Borrokar 56 No
Black Heather 56 No
Melzar the Mad 56 No
Freidir 56 No
Freygerd 56 No
Lanzig 56 No
Lensa 56 No
Market Guard 56 No
Confusion beast 56 No
Dwarf 56 No Air weakness icon
Penance Fighter 56 No
Flesh Crawler 56 No Stab weakness icon
Summoner 56 No
Giant Champion 56 No
Hobgoblin Champion 56 No
Necromancer 56 Yes
Arzinian Being of Bordanzan 56 Yes Yes
Lesser demon (Melzar's Maze) 56 2,000 No Arrow weakness icon
Tumeken's shadow 57 2,000 Yes Yes
Shifter 57 No
Penance Ranger 57 Yes
Flesh Crawler 57 No Stab weakness icon
Giant Spider 57 No
Leech 58 Yes
Dynamite 58 No
Troll runt 58 No
Grizzly bear 58 No
Fear reaper 58 No
Menaphite Thug 58 No
Mountain troll 58 No
Crocodile 58 No
Revenant Pyrefiend 58 No
Poorly Cooked Karambwan 58 Yes
Flesh Crawler 58 No Stab weakness icon
Giant Lobster 58 Yes
Ravager 58 4,200 Yes No Water weakness icon
Revenant cyclops 60 6,450 No No
Bandit looter 60 Yes
Bedabin Nomad Fighter 60 Yes
Blue mage 60 Yes
Blue ranger 60 Yes
Blue warrior 60 Yes
Fenris wolf 60 Yes
Giant lobster (Ghosts Ahoy) 60 Yes
Gnome 60 Yes
Juvenile wolf 60 No
Gnome Woman 60 No
Mage (Clan Citadels) 60 No
Market Guard 60 No
Pirate Guard 60 No
Ranger (Clan Citadels) 60 No
Red mage 60 No
Red ranger 60 No
Red warrior 60 Yes
Skeleton looter 60 Yes
Small Scarab 60 Yes
Warrior (Clan Citadels) 60 Yes
Gnome Archer 60 Yes
Tormented Wraith 60 No
Riyl shade 60 No
Nail Beast 60 No
Tower Archer 60 No
Ice Spider 60 No
Ghost 60 No
Wolf 60 No
Invrigar the Necromancer 60 Yes
Rockslug 60 Yes
Terrorbird 60 Yes
Jungle Spider 60 Yes
Delrith (Dominion Tower) 60 Yes
Black Guard 60 No
Yak 60 Yes
Blessed Spider 60 No
Assassin 60 No
Swamp Snake 60 No
Tribesman 60 2,150 Yes No Earth weakness icon
Guardian of Armadyl (Temple of Ikov) 60 Yes
Icelord 60 No

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