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These bestiary pages are indices of monsters that fall within a specific range of combat levels. The lists include the monster's name, its combat level, its life points, whether or not it is a member's only monster and whether or not the monster is fought during a quest. Each entry is also colour coded as such; a legend for which colours mean what is to the right.
Peach Free-to-play
Orange Member's only
Blue Free-Play Quest monster
Purple Member's Quest monster
Index of bestiaries
1–10 51–60 101–110
11–20 61–70 111–120
21–30 71–80 121–130
31–40 81–90 131–140
41–50 91–100 141+

Monster Level LP Members? Quest? Weakness
Colonel Grimsson (Chaos Grimsson) 111 60,000 Yes Yes
Cruor 111 10,000 Yes No Bolt weakness icon
Hreidmar 111 60,000 Yes Yes
Sunfreet (Hard Mode) 112 60,000 Yes No
Leon d'Cour 112 12,300 Yes No (33 or more Quest Points required) Earth weakness icon
Ogre shaman 113 Yes
Giant Snail (Medium and Hard Temple Trekking) 114 1,580 Yes No Crush weakness icon
Automaton Generator (During The World Wakes) 115 7,500 Yes Yes
Automaton Guardian (The World Wakes) 115 7,500 Yes Yes
Automaton Tracer (The World Wakes) 115 7,500 Yes Yes
Automaton Generator 115 Yes
Automaton Guardian 115 Yes
Automaton Tracer 115 Yes
Pit scabarite (Love Story) 116 2,000 Yes Yes Stab weakness icon
Stranger 116 Yes
Ogre chieftain 116 Yes
Monkey Archer 116 Yes
Kalrag 116 Yes
Undead troll 116 Yes
Sir Carl 116 Yes
Sir Harry 116 Yes
Sir Jerro 116 Yes
Torcher 116 Yes
Animated Rune Armour 116 Yes
Skeletal horror 116 Yes
Nial Swiftfling 116 Yes
Leeuni 116 Yes
City guard 116 Yes
Enclave guard 116 Yes
Insectoid assassin 116 Yes
Pit scabarite 116 Yes
Warped terrorbird 118 Yes
Greater reborn mage 118 Yes
Zombie 118 Yes
Greater reborn ranger 118 Yes
Vanstrom Klause 118 Yes
Ivory Bre'egth (cursed) 118 Yes
Ivory Gromblod (cursed) 118 Yes
Ivory Shredflesh (cursed) 118 Yes
General Khazard (Fight Arena) 120 9,000 then 12,000 (You fight him twice) Yes Yes
Colonel Grimsson (Combat (KotD) 120 7,500 Yes Yes Stab weakness icon
Pit black demon (Love Story) 120 3,000 Yes Yes Fire weakness icon
Kraka 120 3,000 Yes Water weakness icon
Monkey Archer 120 Yes
Dagannoth Mother (Horror from the Deep) 120 Yes
Salarin the Twisted 120 Yes
Tenacious toucan 120 Yes
Zombie Monkey from mad may wild weekend 120 Yes
Giant wasp 120 Yes
Vampyre juvinate 120 Yes
Icefiend 120 Yes
Swamp snake 120 Yes
Goblin 120 Yes
Zombie 120 Yes
Dessous 120 Yes
Fiyr Shade 120 Yes
Red Dragon 120 Yes
Sir Lucan 120 Yes
Sir Palomedes 120 Yes
Agrith Naar 120 Yes
Giant crypt spider 120 Yes
Nail beast 120 Yes
Elf warrior 120 Yes
Skeletal horror 120 Yes
Sir Gawain 120 Yes
Sir Kay 120 Yes
Sir Lancelot 120 Yes
Chronozon 120 Yes
Ayuni 120 Yes
Barrelchest Mk II 120 Yes
Nezikchened 120 Yes
General Khazard 120 Yes
Fareed 120 Yes
Hati 120 Yes
'Rum'-pumped crab 120 Yes
Bandosian hunter 120 Yes
Armadylean myrmidon 120 Yes
Armadylean shaman 120 Yes
Armadylean skirmisher 120 Yes
Armadylean ambusher 120 Yes
Bandosian ambusher 120 Yes
Bandosian reaver 120 Yes
Bandosian wild mage 120 Yes
Blue mage 120 Yes
Blue ranger 120 Yes
Blue warrior 120 Yes
Chaos dwarf lava flow miner 120 Yes
Colonel Grimsson 120 Yes
Confused barbarian 120 Yes
Exiled kalphite paragon 120 Yes
Exiled kalphite soldier 120 Yes
Fairy Godfather 120 Yes
General malpractitioner 120 Yes
Giant skeleton 120 Yes
Giant skeleton 120 Yes
Hellhound (POH) 120 Yes
Hobgoblin (POH) 120 Yes
Icefiend (Ghorrock) 120 Yes
Mage (Clan Citadels) 120 Yes
Me 120 Yes
Mummy Champion 120 Yes
Pit black demon 120 Yes
Ranger (Clan Citadels) 120 Yes
Red Axe director 120 Yes
Red mage 120 Yes
Red ranger 120 Yes
Red warrior 120 Yes
Saradominist enforcer 120 Yes
Saradominist scout 120 Yes
Saradominist thaumaturge 120 Yes
Sea troll 120 Yes
Warrior (Clan Citadels) 120 Yes
Zamorakian bandit 120 Yes
Zamorakian blackguard 120 Yes
Zamorakian occultist 120 Yes

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