This article is about the Strength ability. For other uses, see Berserker (disambiguation).
Release date 20 November 2012 (Update)
Members Yes
Skill Strength
Level 42
Type Ultimate
Adrenaline −100%
Equipment Melee weapon
Cooldown 60 seconds
Harness your adrenaline to increase melee damage dealt by 100% for 20 seconds. Also increases all damage taken by 50%.
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Berserk is an ultimate Strength ability. When activated, for 20 seconds all Melee damage dealt by the player is doubled, at the cost of 50% extra damage taken from NPCs and other players. This makes it easier for players on a Slayer task, consuming a Melee training dummy or PKing a target because of the rapid damage dealt. However, players should take note of using this ability in a PvP situation as the target can attack you and deal very high damage. With Berserk and the best melee gear, prayers, stats and potions, one can hit over 10000 per hit of Assault. It does not increase bleed damage (e.g. Dismember, Slaughter and Blood Tendrils). If you attack someone with Berserk activated before they attack you, the Berserk effect will be removed.

Berserk will not increase self-inflicted damage from Blood Tendrils.

The Magic equivalent of this ability is Metamorphosis. Metamorphosis only increases damage output by 62.5%, but it does not increase the user's damage taken.


  • As of the 4 June 2013 update, Berserk has been tweaked to enable NPCs to deal more damage against players. It now also only increases damage taken by 50% instead of 100%. Before that, it used to increase all damage dealt, but also all damage received, by 100% for 20 seconds also reducing armour rating by 50%.
  • As of the 25 January 2016 update, Berserk no longer reduces the user's armour by 50%, but it still inflicts the double damage taken over its duration.
  • During the Evolution of Combat beta Berserk initially had a duration of 10 seconds, which was later increased to 30 seconds near release. However, the duration was quickly lowered down to 20 seconds because players in the beta found out it was possible to use it with a second ultimate ability and instantly kill players. While it is still technically possible to gain enough adrenaline to use an ultimate before Berserk runs out, the lower duration makes it significantly more challenging to use thresholds alongside the ultimate.

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