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Beastmaster Durzag is the first boss of the Liberation of Mazcab raid. He is an airut who, along with the Shaman, has amassed powers greater than an airut normally would, according to the Fifth stone fragment.

Beastmaster Durzag can be looted once every 2 days for rewards including the superior versions of Teralith, Primeval and Tempest equipment. Starting the encounter requires challengers to form a raid group with the Grouping System to enter the instance.

Killing Beastmaster Durzag for the first time grants 250 reputation with the goebies.

Obtaining all unique drops from Durzag and Yakamaru will unlock the title, [Name] the Liberator.

The fightEdit

Durzag fight

Players fighting Durzag

Beastmaster Durzag does not appear in the fight initially; players must first free the goebie in the middle of the arena to start the fight. Once freed, a wave of enemies consisting of Chargers, Airuts, along with Cormes, one of Durzag's pets, will attack the group. Once all of them are cleared, Durzag will appear with one of his pets, either Krar or Tuz, before he calls for the other one. Chargers will also appear in small pens when this happens; the pens can be opened to fight the Chargers before they swarm at nearby players when they are all released at once by Durzag.

Krar and Tuz should be separated from Durzag, to reduce the amount of damage Durzag can deal.

Every wall also has a broken gong in it, which can be repaired; however it takes a while to construct when doing it alone. When Durzag is nearby, it can be rung one time only, decreasing his accuracy for a while and will deplete much of the player's prayer points at the same time.

Occasionally, he throws bombs, mobile explosives which follow a player before exploding. They deal 2,000 magic damage to nearby players upon explosion, and reset all defensive abilities.


Feat Details
Cormes and Goes Defeat Durzag without killing Cormes
Prison Break Have at least one Goebie survive the fight with Durzag
Day at the Pound Defeat Durzag without opening any of the charger cages in the arena walls
Animal Cruelty Have Durzag deal the killing blow to both Tuz and Krar
Gong Maintenance Expert Defeat Durzag with all gongs repaired but unused


When Beastmaster Durzag is killed, his corpse remains and acts as a reward coffer to collect the drops. Durzag has several drop tables that are rolled on to constitute the loot. Airut bones are always received, the consumable table is always rolled, summoning charms are commonly received, and tertiary drops may be received. If the unique drops table rolls either a Mazcab ability codex or piece of achto equipment, the main drop will not be received. If the unique drops table rolls Teci, the main drop table will be rolled multiple times.


Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Airut bonesAirut bones8–27Always58,968–199,017

Summoning charmsEdit

Between 10 and 20 charms are dropped at a time.

No charmGold charmGreen charmCrimson charmBlue charm
Represents a 90% confidence range based on a sample of 21 kills.
20 charms are dropped at a time.
Add data to the log (requires JavaScript).


Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Cooked eeligatorCooked eeligator5–8Common3,420–5,472
Saradomin brew (4)Saradomin brew (4)5–8Common47,820–76,512
Super restore (4)Super restore (4)5–8Common26,485–42,376

Main dropEdit

This drop table is accessed only if no Achto armour or Mazcab ability codex is received.[r 1]

Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Rune platebodyRune platebody15–46Common564,015–1,729,646
Rune spearRune spear20–28Common223,180–312,452
Ascendri bolts (e) 4Ascendri bolts (e)25Uncommon248,450
Razorback gauntletsRazorback gauntlets1Very rare[r 2][r 3]1,215,995
Yew logsYew logs314–869Common62,800–173,800
Magic logsMagic logs209–245Common108,680–127,400
Black dragonhideBlack dragonhide100–146Common395,700–577,722
Water talismanWater talisman72–89Common491,472–607,514
Rune barRune bar26–51Common359,788–705,738
Raw sharkRaw shark104–148Uncommon157,768–224,516
Raw rocktailRaw rocktail103–142Uncommon369,976–510,064
Grimy lantadymeGrimy lantadyme44–160Uncommon155,584–565,760
Grimy dwarf weedGrimy dwarf weed44–59Uncommon121,000–162,250
Uncut dragonstoneUncut dragonstone24–73Uncommon312,408–950,241
Hydrix bolt tips 5Hydrix bolt tips33Uncommon314,589
Runite oreRunite ore50–98Uncommon572,850–1,122,786
Sirenic scaleSirenic scale2–4Uncommon732,996–1,465,992
Airut bonesAirut bones72–146Uncommon530,712–1,076,166
Crystal keyCrystal key13–30Uncommon521,196–1,202,760
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Tertiary dropsEdit

Only one burial charm may drop at a time. Lil' Tuzzy cannot be received if the player has already unlocked it. The burial charm table, effigy table, and pet table are not linked - a player may receive drops from one, two, all three or neither.

Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Small goebie burial charmSmall goebie burial charm1CommonNot sold
Goebie burial charmGoebie burial charm1UncommonNot sold
Lil' TuzzyLil' Tuzzy1Very rare[d 1][d 2]Not sold
Durzag's helmetDurzag's helmet1Rare[d 3][d 4]Not sold
Ancient effigyAncient effigy1Very rareNot sold
  1. ^ The droprate for obtaining Lil' Tuzzy is 1 in 512, and the roll only happens if neither Achto armour or Mazcab ability codex was rolled successfully.
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  3. ^ Has a base drop rate of 1/300 with a threshold of 60. This item drops directly to the backpack if possible; the bank otherwise.
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Unique dropsEdit

Beastmaster Durzag can only drop one item from this table. If no armour piece or Mazcab ability codex is dropped, the player will receive teci.

The drop rate of any piece of Achto Primeval, Tempest, or Teralith equipment is doubled if the respective non-achto equipment piece is purchased from the Goebie Armoursmith[1]. For example, buying the Teralith Helm will double the chance of getting the Achto Teralith Helm.

A player that owns all fifteen pieces of achto equipment may continue to receive achto armour as drops with the following changes to drop mechanics:

  • Achto armour doubles the chance of receiving a duplicate of that item. In other words, owning the Achto Teralith Helm will double the chance of getting another Achto Teralith Helm, and owning the non-achto Teralith Helm is no longer beneficial.
  • The drop order is no longer enforced. For example, it is possible to receive a second Achto Teralith Helm, followed by a second Achto Teralith Platebody.

Otherwise, armour is gained from Beastmaster Durzag in the following order: boots, gloves, helmet, legs, and body.

Progressing in the drop order requires collecting all three of the previous equipment slot's achto equipment - so in order to receive an Achto Primeval robe top, they would have to get all Achto Tempest, Primeval and Teralith boots, gloves, helm and legs. The Achto equipment gained from each equipment slot is based on the combat style the player dealt the most damage with during the kill they obtained that armour; if the equipment piece corresponding to the used style is not owned, that is always gotten before the others, and otherwise there are equal odds of obtaining armour corresponding to one of the unused styles.[m 1]

Item Quantity Rarity GE price
TeciTeci750–1,500Common[m 2][m 1]Not sold
Achto Primeval MaskAchto Primeval Mask1Uncommon[m 3][m 1]Not sold
Achto Primeval robe topAchto Primeval robe top1Uncommon[m 3][m 1]Not sold
Achto Primeval robe legsAchto Primeval robe legs1Uncommon[m 3][m 1]Not sold
Achto Primeval GlovesAchto Primeval Gloves1Uncommon[m 3][m 1]Not sold
Achto Primeval BootsAchto Primeval Boots1Uncommon[m 4][m 1]Not sold
Achto Tempest CowlAchto Tempest Cowl1Uncommon[m 3][m 1]Not sold
Achto Tempest BodyAchto Tempest Body1Uncommon[m 3][m 1]Not sold
Achto Tempest ChapsAchto Tempest Chaps1Uncommon[m 3][m 1]Not sold
Achto Tempest GlovesAchto Tempest Gloves1Uncommon[m 3][m 1]Not sold
Achto Tempest BootsAchto Tempest Boots1Uncommon[m 4][m 1]Not sold
Achto Teralith HelmetAchto Teralith Helmet1Uncommon[m 3][m 1]Not sold
Achto Teralith CuirassAchto Teralith Cuirass1Uncommon[m 3][m 1]Not sold
Achto Teralith LeggingsAchto Teralith Leggings1Uncommon[m 3][m 1]Not sold
Achto Teralith GauntletsAchto Teralith Gauntlets1Uncommon[m 3][m 1]Not sold
Achto Teralith BootsAchto Teralith Boots1Uncommon[m 4][m 1]Not sold
Mazcab ability codexMazcab ability codex1Uncommon[m 5][m 1]12,798,991
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  • Durzag's examine references the cliche "As blind as a bat". His blindness comes into play in the fight mechanics as he loses accuracy when his pets cannot guide him towards the enemy and when the gongs impair his hearing.
  • Durzag's drop table, along with Yakamaru's, was greatly increased after player complaints of the rewards being too low for having to wait 2 days to be able to loot again.
  • After Beastmaster Durzag has been defeated in a Raid, the Pit of Trials may be converted into the Goebie Volleyball easter egg. This is done by repairing the gongs and striking them in a specific order. The order is North - North - South - South - West - East - West - East. This is a reference to Konami and their famous cheat code "Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right."
  • The marker for the ball in the Goebie Volleyball game is the same marker for Yakamaru's poison attack.
  • The late Beastmaster Durzag has 1,000,000 life points.
  • Prior to the patch notes of 18 July 2016, if Durzag died near the corners, it was possible for him to push the player(s) out of the Pit of Trials.
  • Durzag's AoE smash and bombs can damage and kill clan avatars.


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