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Beacon Keepers (also known as Beacon guards or Fire tenders) are the NPCs next to a Beacon in King Roald III's Beacon Network.

They perform 3 functions:

  • Delaying the player with requests on the first visit.
  • Tending the beacon after it is lit, after receiving 5 more of the same log.
  • Displaying a map showing the player which beacons are currently lit and how large the fire is.

There are 14 beacons in all, with only 12 keepers. The last 2 beacons in high level Wilderness are not tended by keepers.

Note: After an update, you no longer are required to confirm handing out the macaw pouch.

Unlocking all Beacon Keepers and fully unlocking the map by providing every Beacon Keeper with a macaw pouch is a requirement to obtain the master quest cape.


  • Before the aforementioned update, in-game, during the dialogue for macaw, they used to be called fire Tenders.

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