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Batwing hood chathead
Batwing robes equipped

A male player wearing full batwing robes.


The source of these robes.

Batwing robes are magical robes requiring 50 Defence to wear. The requirements also include completing the quest Dragon Slayer. The Bat wand and Bat book require 50 Magic to equip. The robes are made from batwing, which is an uncommon drop from bats (giant bats, bats, albino bats, and warped bats). The equipment set can be crafted by members with a needle and some thread. In total a player will need 17 batwings and a Crafting level of 61 in order to create a full set (with the choice of book or shield).

These robes can be traded and equipped by all players but created only by members, since their raw material, Batwing, can only be obtained on a members world.


Batwing Grand Exchange cost
Batwing hood Batwing hood Coins 1000 4,866 [view]
Batwing torso Batwing torso Coins 1000 4,238 [view]
Batwing legs Batwing legs Coins 1000 5,383 [view]
Batwing gloves Batwing gloves Coins 1000 1,230 [view]
Batwing boots Batwing boots Coins 1000 2,795 [view]
Batwing shield Batwing shield Coins 1000 383 [view]
Bat wand Bat wand Coins 1000 7,843 [view]
Bat book Bat book Coins 1000 7,896 [view]
Total price Coins 1000 34,634
[view] [talk]


Mainhand Info Off-hand Info Attributes Strength bonus
Batwing robes equipped female
A female player wearing full batwing robes.
Style Dmg Acc Style Dmg Acc Defence-icon Constitution-icon Prayer-icon Attack-icon Ranged-icon Magic-icon
Batwing hoodBatwing hood N/A00N/A0017060000%0%0%
Batwing torsoBatwing torso N/A00N/A00195120000%0%0%
Batwing legsBatwing legs N/A00N/A0018790000%0%0%
Batwing glovesBatwing gloves N/A00N/A004215000%0%0%
Batwing bootsBatwing boots N/A00N/A004215000%0%0%
Batwing shieldBatwing shield N/A00N/A0017075000%0%0%
Totals N/A00N/A00806375000%0%0%
Bat wandBat wand None0850N/A000000%0%0%
Bat bookBat book N/A00None08500000%0%0%


  • The shield's examine text is a reference to Batman, the Dark Knight. The Book's examine information is a possible reference to the Riddler, an enemy of Batman.
    • During the Evolution of Combat beta, the hood, legs and boots of this set had different examine texts, all of which were references to Batman.
  • This robe set was controversial when it was added to the combat beta due to how much of the female avatar's chest was visible.

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