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This article is about the material used to make batwing armour. For the quest item, see Bat wing.
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Batwing detail

Batwings are dropped by bats when they are killed. Players can use these to craft armour including Batwing robes, Batwing shields, Bat book and Bat wand. Each Batwing used grants 50 crafting XP.

Batwing equipment can be traded and equipped by free players, but the supply into free worlds is only by trading, because only members can obtain batwings or craft the armour. This behaviour is similar to blue dragonhide armour.

Dropping monstersEdit

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Albino batN/A1Uncommon
Giant batN/A1Uncommon
Warped batN/A1Common

Batwing itemsEdit

LevelItemExpBatwingsGE PriceProfit/exp
50Batwing gloves501

1,575 coins (update)

52Batwing boots501

1,512 coins (update)

54Batwing hood1002

2,285 coins (update)

55Batwing legs1002

3,712 coins (update)

56Batwing torso1503

5,379 coins (update)

58Batwing shield2004

3,132 coins (update)

59Bat book2004

5,904 coins (update)

61Bat wand2004

7,838 coins (update)



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