Battlefield mining site
Battlefield mining site
Release date Unknown edit
Also known as Ourania mine
Location South of West Ardougne
Members Yes
Rocks 2 Copper, 1 Tin
Monsters Monks of Zamorak
Requirements None
Main music Unknown edit
Battlefield mining site map

The battlefield mining site is located to the south of West Ardougne between the Khazard battlefield and the Ourania Runecrafting Altar. This mine is rarely used, as it only contains 2 copper ore rocks as well as 1 tin ore rock (which is located far south of the copper rocks) and the nearest bank, just inside Ourania Cave, requires 20 runes of any type to access. Because it is extremely small and relatively secluded, many players are unaware of the battlefield mining site's existence.


  • Next to the tin ore rock is another rock with a "Mine" option that never contains any ore.

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