This article is about the Khazard battlefield. For other uses, see Battlefield (disambiguation).
Fifth Age to Present
North of Tree Gnome Village
Khazard's Army Gnomes
General Khazard, Khazard warlords Commander Montai, Lieutenant Schepbur
Numerous Soldiers Gnome troops, Terrorbird mounts, Tortoises mounted by Gnome Mages, Gnome Archers, and Gnome Drivers. One Ballista.
Many Many
Battlefield of Khazard

Gnomes and humans clash in the centre of the action.

Khazard Battlefield

The troops of General Khazard rush to defend their fortress.

Gnome Battlefield

The gnomes' barricade on the Battlefield


The gnome soldiers defend their lands.

The Battlefield (also known as the Battlefield of Khazard) is located south of West Ardougne, and north of Tree Gnome Village.

The Battlefield is separated by a small river (with three bridges), with the Gnomes on the south side (by Tree Gnome Village), and the Khazard troopers on the north side. This area plays a large role in Tree Gnome Village quest. The gnomes and troopers are often seen to be engaged in battles with each other. Players are free to support either side in the battle.

To the north is a passageway by the southern edge of West Ardougne. Up the passageway is the Khazard warlord (level 56).






  • The Khazard fortress is to the north of the Tree Gnome Village, despite the entirety of Khazard's domain being to the south-east of the village.
  • This is also one of the few places in the game where you can see various NPC battles, similar to the God Wars Dungeon and Goblin Village.
  • From the appearance of the battlefield and the condition that the fortress is in, one can assume that the Gnomes are winning the battle. Also, the Gnomes appear to outnumber and perhaps outmatch Khazard's troops despite the Gnomes' low levels.

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