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Battle of Ullek
Ullek map
The remains of Ullek as they appear today.
Kharidian Desert Campaign
Between the Years 3,000 and 4,000 of the Third Age
Decisive Zamorakian Victory
Forces of Ullek Forces of Balfrug Kreeyath
Unknown Balfrug Kreeyath
Unknown Unknown
Heavy; Only a small group escaped. Light to Mid-Level
Previous battle
Battle of Uzer
Next battle

The Battle of Ullek was an armed conflict during the late Kharidian Desert Campaign of the Third Age. The battle occurred at an unknown point between the Years 3,000 and 4,000 of the God Wars and was fought between the Menaphite natives of the city of Ullek and the Zamorakian forces of the demon Balfrug Kreeyath.

The Battle of Ullek was won easily by Kreeyath's forces, forcing the few Ullekian survivors to flee into the city's tunnels and seek refuge in the camp of Sophanem to the south. Why Kreeyath's forces invaded Ullek in the first place remains unclear.

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