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This article is about the mages in the Mage Arena. For the type of armour, see Battle-mage armour.
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Battle mages are magic-users found in the Wilderness Mage Arena. They appear in the arena itself, and their primary function is to battle the player, thus allowing the player to cast their chosen god spell 100 times on any of the mages in order to be able to use the spell outside of the Arena.

Battle mages come in three types; Saradominist mages, Zamorakian mages, and Guthixian mages, who are gnomes and look akin to Gnome mages who ride the backs of Tortoises in the Battlefield.

The mages are very strong for their level, being able to constantly hit for over 700 damage, so the Protect from Magic prayer and good food is recommended when battling them. Their aggressiveness depends on the type of God cape a player wears; mages are not aggressive to players wearing their God's cape.

Additionally, wielding a Void knight mace whilst wearing a non-Guthix cape such as the Saradomin cape or Zamorak cape will cause only one type of Battle mage to be aggressive towards players at any one time.


  • When a certain type of battle mage is non-aggressive they can still be attacked and will retaliate.
  • Their magic attacks, despite also being the god spells, have a shorter range than the players'. This makes it theoretically possible to safespot them, but doesn't work well as other mages will attack the player due to their aggression.
  • Before being updated, all Battle mages wore their corresponding God cape and weapon. The updated models removed their god capes and changed the appearance of their staves. Player-owned God staves remain unchanged.

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