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Release date 4 January 2001 (Update)
Race Human
Members only No
Quest NPC No
Location Varrock
Sells items Beer
Gender Male
Examine I could get a beer from him
Bartender (Jolly Boar Inn) location
Bartender (Jolly Boar Inn) chathead

The Bartender at the Jolly Boar Inn in Varrock is an NPC serves the purpose of selling beer to players. If asked, he will tell players about another bartender who thinks RuneScape is a computer game.

He is the person referred to in the Cryptic Clue Fest's Clue 2 released on the 27 Nov 2009 regarding the 2009 Thanksgiving event. He tells us to level up our lower skills because Mod Mark H requested forum users to stop being impatient about the release of the second clue and instead do something else on RuneScape.

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