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Artwork of the six Barrows brothers


Concept art of the six

The Barrows brothers were a band of six legendary Saradominist warriors who assisted Saradomin in his campaign to conquer southern Forinthry during the God Wars and soon after ventured into Morytania, leading the Morytania Campaign. Their fate is revealed in the crumbling tome.

They struck a deal with the powerful Mahjarrat Sliske to become more powerful, not realising that Sliske had a devious plot behind the offer and thus were tricked by him. Sliske observed their strength, and when he thought them worthy, he allowed them to weaken, and then awaited the time for them to die; after their deaths, Sliske came to "collect" them, and they were buried in six burial mounds, or barrows, in eastern Morytania, giving them their collective name. Even after their deaths, they serve Sliske as wights.[1]

Their ages are shown by their names, the first alphabetically being the oldest (Ahrim), and the last alphabetically being the youngest (Verac). The brothers are the strongest of Sliske's wights, and their name is derived from their last resting place, now known as the Barrows.

The Barrows brothersEdit

Face Name Weakness Attack style
Ahrim the Blighted chathead
Ahrim the Blighted Arrow weakness icon Arrows Magic-icon Magic
Akrisae the Doomed chathead
Akrisae the Doomed Bolt weakness icon Bolts Magic-icon Magic
Dharok head
Dharok the Wretched Fire weakness icon Fire spells Attack-icon Melee
Guthan head
Guthan the Infested Air weakness icon Air spells Attack-icon Melee
Karil head
Karil the Tainted Stab weakness icon Stab Ranged-icon Ranged
30px Linza the Disgraced Fire weakness icon Fire spells Attack-icon Melee
Torag head
Torag the Corrupted Water weakness icon Water spells Attack-icon Melee
Verac head
Verac the Defiled Earth weakness icon Earth spells Attack-icon Melee


Ritual of the MahjarratEdit

The following takes place during Ritual of the Mahjarrat.
Sliske and Barrows Brothers

Sliske with his Barrows wights at the Ritual of Rejuvenation

The brothers are summoned by their master Sliske during the 18th Ritual of Rejuvenation. Arriving at the Ritual Plateau, they initially fought off the Armoured Zombies under the control of Zemouregal. After they defeated the zombies along with the player, Sharathteerk under Zemouregal's orders summoned the hero of Varrock, Arrav. In this battle of the undead, Arrav had the upper hand - such was his might that the Barrow wights were unable to harm him. Arrav ceased fighting the brothers after the player distracted and led him to the area where his heart was buried, causing him to break free of Zemouregal's control.

After the ritual, Sliske, having been impressed by the player's prowess, attempted to convert the player into a Barrow wight. His conversion spell was however intercepted by Akrisae; thereafter known as Akrisae the Doomed - the newest of Sliske's Barrow wights.

Sliske's Grand AscendancyEdit

The following takes place during Missing, Presumed Death.

During the 'Grand Ascendancy' - a gathering of gods arranged by Sliske - the Barrows Brothers and Akrisae were summoned to the Empyrean Citadel to bar access to the meeting chamber from non-divine beings such as Zemouregal, who attempts to force his way through, but is denied by the power of Sliske. Shortly after the meeting, Sliske experimented with the Barrows Brothers in the Shadow Realm, granting them extra powers and some control of it.

Kindred SpiritsEdit

The following takes place during Kindred Spirits.

History of the brothers is given with greater detail showing that Guthan was the one that convinced the others to accept Sliske's offer...

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A Barrows brother laughing


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