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This article is about the quest item. For other uses, see Barrel of monkeys (disambiguation).
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Barrel of monkeys detail
Monkey colony location

Where the barrel should be opened

A barrel of monkeys is an item used in Do No Evil. It is given to the player by King Awowogei after the player gives him a Chimp ice. The three wise monkeys can then be added to the barrel by talking to them.

It should be opened at the camel hump-like mountain south-west of the Desert Mining Camp. It cannot be opened anywhere else, since the wise monkeys will tell the player that the location is not correct, or you will decide not to release the monkeys without the wise monkeys if they have not yet been added. You can also speak with the barrel to ask where you are meant to be going; which is "between the mountain camel's humps."

The barrel contains Unarmed monkey guards, Monkey colonists and the Three wise monkeys.

If you destroy the barrel after the three wise monkeys have entered it, when you retrieve it from Awowogei, Kikazaru will say, "You can't get rid of us that easily!"

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