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This article is about the cooked version. For the raw version, see Raw baron shark.
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Baron shark detail

Baron sharks can be obtained by cooking raw baron sharks with 80 Cooking, giving 210 Cooking experience. When eaten, they heal 2000 life points, the same as a regular shark, but will continue to heal 50 life points per second for 10 seconds. This makes the baron shark the fifth highest healing food outside of Daemonheim, with a total of 2500 life points restored — behind Juju gumbo, Calorie Bomb (Rocktail), fury sharks, and great gunkan.

If a shark's tooth necklace is worn while eating a baron shark, the continuous healing effect will last for 5 seconds longer; making it heal a total of 2750 life points, tied as the most life points restored in one bite with juju gumbo. However, it still heals less than a fury shark, which heals for 2800 life points if out of combat.

Prawn balls have a 10% chance of awarding up to five baron sharks when opened.

Catching one gives 110 Fishing experience, the same as a normal shark.

The Assist System cannot be used to cook a baron shark if one has insufficient Cooking level to prevent burning.

Barbarian fishing baron shark will not count towards daily challenges.


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