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Barley detail

Barley is a grain grown in a hops patch by planting 4 barley seeds, using the farming skill. Barley is not technically a type of hops, but it is critical to brewing so it is grown in a hops patch. Barley plants take 40 minutes (4 growth cycles of 10 minutes each) to grow. Each barley a player farms gives 9.5 farming experience. It is possible to hire a farmer for 3 buckets of compost to look after it, ensuring that the crop will harvest. Using it on a range cooks it into barley malt, which can then be used in brewing various ales. Cooking the barley grants 1 cooking experience. 6 barley malts can be used to pay a farmer to look after jute. Barley malts are a required item for the Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf quest. Barley seeds are absurdly common, and generally regarded as worthless due to the massive supply of them. They can usually be bought in bulk on the Grand Exchange for 1-15gp per seed. They are also available from Olivia's Seed Market in Draynor Village and by pick-pocketing from Master Farmers, Farmers and seed stalls using the Thieving skill. Barley is also the preferred bait for deadfalling Prickly Kebbits.


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