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Bark detail

Bark can be obtained by players with 45 Woodcutting by cutting a hollow tree, which are found east of Canifis, granting 82.5 Woodcutting experience for an unsuccessful cut, or 357.7 if bark is obtained. It can take a while to obtain just one piece of bark.

Level-88 vampyres will attack you with melee if they see you.

Bark is a raw material of splitbark equipment that must be given along with pieces of fine cloth and coins to Wizard Jalarast in the Wizards' Tower to create each item. The release of the Evolution of Combat update added splitbark wands, orbs, and shields to her shop.

They can also be used to light torches to gain 100 Firemaking experience. When you light the bark in the torches you regain 10 Prayer points.

While cutting these with the inferno adze, the player might find themselves getting 105 bonus Firemaking experience on unsuccessful attempts. It's not known if it was intended by Jagex or just missing Hollow Trees with Adze update.


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