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Bard Roberts and the Stanky Penguins

Bard Roberts and the Stanky Penguins is a band (the second band known, after Adamantite Damsel) that sings pirate songs. The singer is Bard Roberts. The band's songs always involve the player and their progress in the Pirate quest series. The songs take place on an unknown ship. Bard Roberts has the ability to summon things for the songs - such as Mi-Gor, Captain Braindeath and greater demons - in order to give a graphical representation of the story of the song. Their songs are produced by Mos Le'Harmless Records.

The group is currently located in The Rusty Anchor inn in Port Sarim and The Other Inn in Mos Le'Harmless. Players can listen to Bard Roberts's music while resting, him functioning as a normal musician. On request, he will sing one of their special songs (with words actually sung in the musical piece). All of the songs are sung in verse to the same tune, with each verse taking the form of a limerick. The tune used is the same as the infamous shanty/drinking song "Good Ship Venus".


BRatSP Rum Deal

The group performing the Rum Deal song.


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