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Barbarian Training
Barbarian Training
Release date 3 July 2007 (Update)
Members only? Yes
Quest series N/A
Developer(s) N/A
Age Fifth Age
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Barbarian Training is a set of expansions to Firemaking, Herblore, Fishing and Smithing. This activity also provides access to the Ancient Cavern and the numerous monsters within, such as the Mithril dragon.

Otto Godblessed, a barbarian warrior interested in the cultural history of his people, will offer to teach eligible players about Barbarian skills, and will give them the books Barbarian skills and My notes to keep track of the Training. Otto can be found south-west of the Ancient Cavern entrance.


Barbarian Firemaking

Barbarian Fishing

Barbarian Smithing

Barbarian Herblore




My NotesEdit

Main article: My notes

When starting Barbarian training, the player is given a book called My notes. It records entries from ancient pages which are sometimes obtained when rummaging barbarian skeletons or as monster drops in the Ancient Cavern. My notes can be found in the bookcase of a Player-owned house listed as My Notes.

Finding all the notes is one of the requirements for the trimmed Completionist Cape.

The ActivitiesEdit

Start Barbarian training by talking to Otto Godblessed. He may be found in his house to the south-west of the Ancient Cavern entrance. To reach Otto's Grotto, you can teleport to Barbarian Outpost using a games necklace. After teleporting, go south and slightly to the west until you reach his house. You must start by learning one of the three basic skills: firemaking, special rod fishing tricks and a selection of spear skills. They can be completed in any order.

Barbarian FiremakingEdit

A player must have a Firemaking level of at least 35 in order to burn the oak log that is required for the Barbarian training.

There are two types of activities that fall under Barbarian Firemaking: Lighting fires with a bow and lighting pyre ships.

Bow firesEdit

Barbarian firemaking

A player lighting logs with a bow

As mentioned above, the player starts out by talking to Otto and by having the required Firemaking level. Next the player must bring a bow and oak logs. (Note that not all bows work, see the equipment section) To make a bow fire, just use the bow in your inventory on the oak logs. If you use logs higher levelled than oak logs, you require a higher firemaking level.

There are no inherent advantages to using a bow instead of a tinderbox, since your tinderbox will be in your toolbelt. Below you will find a table of the logs and firemaking levels needed using barbarian firemaking.

Logs Firemaking level needed Experience gained
Normal Logs 21 40
Achey Achey tree logs 21 40
Oak Oak logs 35 60
Willow Willow logs 50 90
Teak Teak logs 55 105
Arctic pine Arctic pine logs 62 125
Maple Maple logs 65 135
Mahogany Mahogany logs 70 157.5
Eucalyptus Eucalyptus logs 78 193.5
Yew Yew logs 80 202.5
Magic Magic logs 95 303.8
Elder Elder logs 99 450

Pyre shipsEdit

Talk to Otto after you completed a Bow fire. Otto will now explain the art of making a Pyre ship. You need to enter the dungeon below the lake and fight the monsters within to obtain chewed bones or mangled bones to be used in constructing a pyre ship.

When rummaging through barbarian skeletons found on the ground or killing the various barbarians within the cavern, you may find mangled bones. The only way to get chewed bones however, is to kill Mithril dragons. Both chewed and mangled bones, in conjunction with any type of log, can be used on the burnt spaces (pyre sites), found scattered around the lake near Otto's house, to make a pyre ship. Burning a pyre ship will grant the player an experience bonus of up to 300%, depending on the logs used, the next time they bury bones or scatter ashes.

Barbarian spirit attack

A barbarian spirit attacks!

The spirits released from chewed bones drop some items; this includes a slim chance for a dragon full helm. Spirits released from the mangled bones, are aggressive Ferocious barbarian spirits. Please note that if you use mangled bones on a pyre ship, you will be unable to make another pyre ship until you kill the spirit. If you attempt to make another one while a barbarian spirit is around, the sacrifice will be declined.

Note: It is NOT possible to use the Assist system to burn pyre ships you don't have the levels for.

Note: Completing the Barbarian skills book requires burning chewed bones. Otherwise, the final paragraph of the section on Crafting pyre ships will be missing, and page 21 of the book will be blank even if the rest of the training has been completed. You will also need to speak to Otto again after burning the bones.

LogsFiremaking/Crafting Level RequiredCrafting experience gainedFiremaking experience gained Number of bones with enhanced XP rewards
AcheyAchey tree logs1110401
OakOak logs2515602
WillowWillow logs4022.5902
TeakTeak logs4526.21053
Arctic pineArctic pine logs5231.21253
MapleMaple logs5533.71353
MahoganyMahogany logs6039.3157.54
EucalyptusEucalyptus logs68421714
YewYew logs7050.6202.54
MagicMagic logs8575.9303.85
ElderElder logs991094356

Barbarian FishingEdit

Talk to Otto after you completed a Bow fire. Otto will give the player information about Barbarian Fishing. To start this section of the Training, the player must have a Fishing-icon Fishing level of at least 48, an Agility-icon Agility level of 15, and Strength-icon Strength level of at least 35.

There are two types of activities that fall under Barbarian Fishing: Heavy rod fishing and bare hand fishing.

Heavy Rod FishingEdit

Barbarian rod
The first task Otto Godblessed will set the player is to use a Heavy fishing rod to catch a fish in the lake to east of his house. The heavy rod can be obtained by searching the bed in Otto's cabin and you will need fishing bait or feathers as well.

Catching a single fish is sufficient for the Training, but it is advised to continue fishing to obtain roe, which is needed for the herblore part of the training.

Once caught, players can gut the fish with a knife, receiving 10 or 15 Cooking experience. Players will also receive fish offcuts, roe and caviar; all of which may be further used as more barbarian fishing bait, or the latter two may be used in Barbarian Herblore.

Leaping trout and Leaping salmon will provide roe when gutted; Leaping sturgeon can provide caviar as well.

Heavy rod fishing is notable for providing small amounts of strength and agility experience as a bonus. In addition, once started, players will never run out of bait, as they can use the roe, caviar, and fish offcuts to continue fishing indefinitely (feathers and fishing bait can still be used as bait for all the leaping fish.)

Fish Fishing Level Required Strength/Agility Level Required Fishing experience gained Strength/Agility experience gained Cooking Experience from successful cutting/gutting
Leaping trout 48 15 50 5 9.3
Leaping salmon 58 30 70 6 11.3
Leaping sturgeon 70 45 80 7


Barbarian Hand FishingEdit

Barbarian fishing

A player catches a swordfish with his bare hands.

After catching a fish using a heavy rod, talk to Otto again, and he will explain bare-handed fishing. This method can be used instead of fishing with a harpoon. For this activity the player needs at least 55 Fishing-icon Fishing (an Admiral or Fish pie can be used to boost your Fishing level), 35 Strength-icon Strength and 15 Agility-icon Agility. Go to any harpoon Fishing spot: Karamja, Wilderness level 35-38, Catherby, Rellekka, Fishing Guild, Burgh de Rott, or Elf Camp. Catch a fish to complete the Barbarian fishing training. You will automatically fish with your hands, even with a toolbelted harpoon.

Fishing barehanded is just as fast as fishing normally with a harpoon, but it provides small amounts of bonus strength experience (see the table below), however it takes a significantly higher level to fish this way.

Fish Fishing Level Required Strength Level Required Fishing experience gained Strength experience gained
Tuna 55 35 80 8
Swordfish 70 50 100 10
Shark 96 76 110 11
Baron Shark


96 76 110 11
  1. ^ A Juju fishing potion is required to catch baron sharks.

Barbarian SmithingEdit

To begin Barbarian smithing the player must have completed the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest and have level 5 Smithing-icon Smithing.

There are two types of activities that fall under Barbarian Smithing: Spear smithing and Hasta smithing.


Adamant hasta
After completing the barbarian fishing training, talk to Otto again. The first part of Barbarian Smithing a player will learn is about how to make Spears. You will need a metal bar and some corresponding logs and use them on the Barbarian anvil near Otto's house (another Barbarian anvil is in Gunnarsgrunn). Once you made the spear talk to Otto again and he will tell you about Hastae.


Forging Hastae is exactly the same, take a metal bar and the corresponding logs, then use them on a barbarian anvil. Next, talk to Otto again, and your Barbarian Smithing is completed.

A table of the Spears and Hastae that you can make, as well as the logs and bars needed is found below:

Spears / Hastae Wood Required Smithing Level Required Smithing experience gained
Bronze hasta Bronze hasta Logs Wood 5 25
Bronze spear Bronze spear
Iron hasta Iron hasta Oak logs Oak 20 50
Iron spear Iron spear
Steel hasta Steel hasta Willow logs Willow logs 35 75
Steel spear Steel spear
Mithril hasta Mithril hasta Maple logs Maple logs 55 100
Mithril spear Mithril spear
Adamant hasta Adamant hasta Yew logs Yew logs 75 125
Adamant spear Adamant spear
Rune hasta Rune hasta Magic logs Magic logs 90 150
Rune spear Rune spear

Barbarian HerbloreEdit

Attack mix detail
After catching a fish using a heavy rod, talk to Otto again. Before learning this section, the player needs at least level 4 Herblore-icon Herblore. Talk to Otto to learn about the barbarian potion making. You will be asked to make a Attack mix from a Attack potion (2 doses).

Add the roe you obtained during barbarian fishing to the normal 2-dose attack potion and hand it back to Otto.

After finishing this training stage, many other potions can be enhanced by adding roe or caviar to a 2 dose variant of the potions. The Barbarian Herblore skill, through the creation of 'mixes', allows ordinary potions to not only heal 300 or 600 life points but also to provide the regular benefits of that potion.

Enhancing PotionsEdit

First the player must have a two dose vial of a particular potion. Note: To make 2 two dose potions from a four dose potion the player can just use the four dose potion on an empty vial or have certain NPC's do it for you. The player must then add either some roe or caviar to the two dose potion, which will create a mix. Note that roe cannot be used in mixes higher levelled than the Stat restore mix; any higher level mix requires caviar. When the mix is consumed it will not only grant the regular benefits but it will also heal 300 or 600 life points. Mixes therefore count as food and drinking them will interrupt combat in the same way as eating food does.

Potion LP healed Herblore level required XP gained Eggs used
Attack mix (2) Attack mix 300 4 8 Roe Roe or Caviar Caviar
Ranging mix (2) Ranging mix 300 5 8 Roe Roe or Caviar Caviar
Magic mix (2) Magic mix 300 7 8 Roe Roe or Caviar Caviar
Strength mix (2) Strength mix 300 9 17 Roe Roe or Caviar Caviar
Relicym's mix (2) Relicym's mix 300 9 14 Roe Roe or Caviar Caviar
Defence mix (2) Defence mix 600 11 25 Caviar Caviar
Antipoison mix (2) Antipoison mix 300 15 1.2 Roe Roe or Caviar Caviar
Restore mix (2) Restore mix 300 24 21 Roe Roe or Caviar Caviar
Energy mix (2) Energy mix 300 29 23 Caviar Caviar
Agility mix (2) Agility mix 600 37 27 Caviar Caviar
Combat mix (2) Combat mix 300 40 28 Caviar Caviar
Prayer mix (2) Prayer mix 600 42 29 Caviar Caviar
Super attack mix (2) Super attack mix 600 47 33 Caviar Caviar
Anti-p supermix (2) Super anti-poison mix 600 51 35 Caviar Caviar
Fishing mix (2) Fishing mix 600 53 38 Caviar Caviar
Super energy mix (2) Super energy mix 600 56 39 Caviar Caviar
Hunting mix (2) Hunting mix 600 58 40 Caviar Caviar
Super strength mix (2) Super strength mix 600 59 42 Caviar Caviar
Magic essence mix (2) Magic essence mix 600 61 43 Caviar Caviar
Super restore mix (2) Super restore mix 600 67 48 Caviar Caviar
Super defence mix (2) Super defence mix 600 71 50 Caviar Caviar
Antidote+ mix (2) Antidote+ mix 600 74 52 Caviar Caviar
Antifire mix (2) Antifire mix 600 75 53 Caviar Caviar
Super ranging mix (2) Super ranging mix 600 80 54 Caviar Caviar
Super magic mix (2) Super magic mix 600 83 57 Caviar Caviar
Zamorak mix (2) Zamorak mix 600 85 58 Caviar Caviar

Required for completingEdit

Completion of Barbarian Training is required for the following:


  • Barbarian hand fishing is similar to noodling.
  • If you attempt to light a fire using a crystal bow, a message will appear saying: "The bow resists all attempts to light the fire. It seems that the sentient tools of the elves don't approve of you burning down forests."
  • If you attempt using a dark bow, a message will appear saying:"The innate darkness of the bow sucks all the heat from your firemaking attempt. You realise that this type of bow is useless for firelighting."
  • If you attempt to use an ogre bow, a message will appear saying: "This bow is vast, clumsy, and most of a tree. You realise that this type of bow is useless for firelighting."
  • If you're in a bank and you use a log on an unstrung bow, the game will say "You can't light a fire here", but if you leave the bank and try it again, it'll say "Nothing interesting happens." This also works when using a bowstring on an already strung bow.

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