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The Barbarian Outpost is a fenced stronghold which comprises two sections. The first, "outer" section requires the completion of the Bar Crawl miniquest to access. The outer section houses nine Barbarians, good for low-level training and Clue scroll drops, and several chickens. The second, "inner" section may be accessed by climbing through a pipe requiring level 35 agility (can be boosted), found in the first, outer section. The inner section is an Agility course that has both a basic route and an advanced route. The basic route gives 139.5 agility experience per lap and requires 35 agility to use, giving roughly 8 exp per second. The advanced route gives 740.7 agility experience per lap and requires 90 agility to use.

Access to the outer section is a requirement of the Scorpion Catcher quest, and access to the inner section is a requirement of the Horror from the Deep quest.

Locals will address players who have completed The Fremennik Trials by their Fremennik name.


The Barbarian Outpost is located north-west of Baxtorian Falls and north of the Tree Gnome Stronghold. Outside of the Outpost is the Barbarian Assault minigame, and the complex is surrounded by several willow trees. There are four main ways of getting to the Outpost:

The Barbarian Outpost was located east of Ardougne until Witchaven was released.

Recommendations for Agility TrainingEdit


  • Food, most obstacles have the ability to deal damage. However, players with high enough agility will not fail any obstacles.
  • Energy potions to run all the time. However, players with high enough agility will not run out of run energy.
  • Alternatively, you can get food yourself. Kill the chickens in the outpost and head outside to chop the trees, then start a fire. It heals 200 life points. This a good method if you're really planning on not having that much weight.


The use of Weight-reducing clothing may help players be able to run for longer. However, a negative weight gives no benefit over having 0 kg, so unless other heavy equipment is worn or heavy items carried which would make players' weight much over 0 kg, there is no need for weight-reducing clothing. In addition, players with high enough of an agility level may be able to continuously complete the course without running out of energy even when having a very high weight (and not using energy potions).

Basic courseEdit

Barbarian Outpost Agility Course

The basic and advanced agility courses.

Barbarian Agility Outpost

Barbarian Agility Course

The basic course is most often used by people with an agility level between 35 and 52. Skullball is actually faster experience at these levels, but the basic Barbarian course is popular nonetheless, due to it being easier and more well-known than Skullball.

As with any agility course, the most experience is given to the player upon completion of a full lap, so running the course in the intended order is more beneficial than repeating one obstacle.

On the basic course, all obstacles except for the obstacle net and crumbling walls are failable, and deal damage on a failed attempt. Additionally, failure on the Ropeswing or Balancing ledge require the player to climb back up to the obstacle's starting point to regain their position in the course. Completion of a lap without failing a single obstacle cannot be guaranteed until reaching 93 agility (this can be by a boost such as that given by summer pies).

Barbarian courses obstacles
Image Name XP Image Name XP
Outpost agility1 »
22 Outpost agility2 »
Log Balance
Outpost agility3 »
Obstacle net
8.2 Outpost agility4 »
Balancing ledge
Outpost agility5 »
Crumbling wall
13.7 Outpost agility6 »
Crumbling wall

Each lap gives 139.5 agility experience, including the bonus of 46.2 experience on the last obstacle and may do it in 30–45 seconds. The maximum experience an hour at this course is 16K experience, which is much less than the Wilderness Agility Course. Players may receive 50K experience an hour with a charged penance horn or Brawling Gloves (Agility). However, if a player obtains Brawling Gloves (Agility) it is recommended that the player trains his/her Agility at the Wilderness Agility Course, which gives roughly 200K experience an hour if completed at fastest times.

Tip: Some players decide to do only the Ropeswing at lower levels. This is due to the high xp they offer. You do not get the extra 48xp at end, but the chance of taking damage from the ledge is removed.

Advanced courseEdit

Barbarian agility course

Advanced Barbarian Course

The Advanced Barbarian Agility course, or Extended Barbarian Agility course, was released on 22 June 2009. It uses some obstacles from the basic course as well as some new obstacles. It requires much higher agility and gives much faster experience than the basic course. With a requirement of 90 agility, the Advanced Barbarian Agility course is the highest level agility course in the game. It gives the second fastest agility experience in the game; the Hefin agility course giving the fastest experience.

Barbarian courses obstacles
Image Name XP Image Name XP
Outpost agility1 »
22 Outpost agility2 »
Log Balance
Wallrun »
Wall Run
15 Wallclimb »
Wall Climb
Springdevice »
Spring device
15 Balancebeam »
Balance Beam
Gapjump »
Gap Jump
15 Roofslide »
Roof Slide

There is bonus experience of 615 for completing the entire course. When you click to do the last obstacle, you will see 630 drop from your xp counter if you have it open. This number is the last obstacle plus the course bonus. The entire course includes the rope swing and log, and these two obstacles must be completed to earn the full 740.7 agility experience per lap. It is not faster experience to skip the rope swing and log. If the log balance is failed, players will not receive the lap bonus.

Several obstacles on the advanced course may be failed; however, at 93+ agility, all obstacles on the advanced course have a 100% success rate (At 92 agility, falling off the log balance is a rare event, but still possible).

After the player has successfully completed 250 laps without failing any obstacles, he or she may talk to Gunnjorn to get the Agile top. The successful laps do not have to be consecutive and the counter is not reset if an obstacle is failed in a lap. The Agile top may be re-obtained from Gunnjorn if lost without completing an additional 250 laps.

The fastest possible time that a full lap can be completed in is about 37.2 seconds. It is possible to gain over 70,000 agility experience per hour at maximum, although anything around 66,000 would be a good rate.

Tips and tricksEdit

Obviously, the goal in any agility course is to complete it as quickly as possible. Here are some tips to help you do just that: The most important tip is to keep the camera still, this enables you to "learn" where your clicks need to be significantly improving efficiency. Also, even with two rope swings, getting caught behind another player using the same one as you will increase lap time significantly. It's advised to find a world where only one or two other players are training on the course to minimise the chances of that happening.


Click early, but not too early.

Click on the next obstacle while you are still completing the current one.

Logrun barb

Get this right to save a game tick or two.

If you click on the wall jump at exactly the right time, you will run directly from the log to the wall without stopping. This is probably the most difficult time saver.


Move diagonally!

Once you are up to the next level, walk to the space just in front of the obstacle. This will allow you to move diagonally, instead of taking an L-shaped route.


Wait for it...

Only click the obstacle itself when you are already moving, otherwise, your second command may supersede the first and you end up taking an L-shaped route anyway.


Time to run!

Run in front of the spring mechanism before you fire it, again waiting until you are already running to click on it, thus allowing you to run instead of walk.


Have the Balance beam right clicked.

Finally, click on the Balance Beam right before you land from the Spring Device to make a quick transition. An easy way to do this is to right click the balance beam before you take off from the Spring Device.

Right before the roof slide, move to the southmost side, then on the slide itself spam click Surge and you'll immediately move 10 squares forward as soon as you reach the floor. This saves a tiny bit of time, but it adds up.


  • The Barbarian Outpost area is located east of Ardougne in RuneScape Classic, but it was moved when it was added to RS2.
  • Only one player may use a rope swing at any one time. The course used to only have one rope swing, but a second rope swing was added, presumably to deal with crowding at the course.
  • The barbarians in the yard outside the Agility course are (according to their examination texts) named Alberich, Brunnhilde, Edelschwarz, Fasolt, Fafner and Siegfried. The names come from Richard Wagner's epic opera cycle, "Der Ring des Nibelungen".

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