Barbarian Fishing can be learned by members with a Fishing level of 48, an Agility level of 15, and a Strength level of 35. Speak with Otto Godblessed in his home near Baxtorian Falls to learn special barbarian methods of fishing.

Fishing with a heavy rodEdit

First, he instructs the player on heavy rod fishing. Heavy rod fishing requires a barbarian rod (found under Otto's bed) and any type of bait, as well as a knife to gut the fish. In order to catch the special fish in Otto's lake, a Strength and Agility level is needed in addition to the fishing requirement. The leaping fish obtained can be used with a knife to obtain roe and caviar for use in Herblore skill, and catching them gives small amounts of experience in strength and agility. The fish you catch this way are as follows:

Fishing Agility Fish Fishing
48 15 Leaping trout 50 5 10
58 30 Leaping salmon 70 6 10
70 45 Leaping sturgeon 80 7 15

Fishing bare-handedEdit

After this, the player can learn how to fish tuna, swordfish, and sharks without a harpoon. Using this method requires a higher Fishing level as well as a Strength level equivalent to the Fishing level needed to catch the fish normally. However, it provides small amounts of Strength experience.

When you are catching swordfish via barbarian methods, you will still receive tuna along with swordfish if you have the required levels for both. Also after the tool belt update, if you have the required strength level you will by default catch via the barbarian method. If a player would like to catch fish using a harpoon, for example if they have the required level to bare-hand catch tuna but not swordfish, they will have to bring a second harpoon in their inventory, or alternatively wield a Barb-tail harpoon.

Fishing Strength Fish Fishing
55 - Tuna 80 8
70 50 Swordfish 100 10
96 76 Shark 110 11
96 76 Baron shark 110 11


When heavy rod fishing, you should bring your rod, your knife, and 25 fishing bait or feathers, go to the fishing spots and catch a full inventory of fish and cut them into fish offcuts and caviar/roe. If your inventory gets full of offcuts and roe/caviar, drop the fish offcuts and continue fishing/cutting using the caviar/roe. You can pick up the offcuts after you have used up the caviar/roe as they are also bait. Dropping the caviar/roe takes more time to drop than the stackable offcuts. This gets you around 50 to 60k an hour at 70 fishing. Note that it is possible to run out of bait just from cutting open the fish so bring some back up bait/feathers to be on the safe side.

When fishing with Bait, feathers, offcuts and caviar/roe in your inventory you will use the bait first, then the feathers, then the offcuts, then the caviar/roe. If you are banking the caviar/roe for barbarian potions it is a good idea to take plenty of bait/feathers to start with and bank the fish offcuts with the caviar/roe. This way you can save the offcuts for later barbarian fishing trips so that you won't have to bother using other bait or feathers. Initial bait may not be needed on populous worlds as there are often players at the fishing hole who drop caught fish, which can easily be picked up and gutted.

If you do not intend to use the offcuts or caviar/roe the best experience method for heavy rod fishing is to just take bait and place the three types of fish onto the ability bar, and keybind them. Holding down the respective key will drop all of that type of fish from your inventory, without interrupting the fishing action.

A more intensive version takes bait and 25 fishing urns, dropping the fish as they appear in your inventory, and sending off the urns when they fill up. Players using the fish gutting method can also benefit from the tool bars by placing all three types of fish and fish offcuts in the toolbar then right clicking the fish to gut them and clicking the offcuts to drop them if the inventory is full.


  • Barbarian Fishing is similar to noodling.

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