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Release date 4 January 2001 (Update)
Race Human
Members only No
Quest NPC Shield of Arrav
Location Varrock Square
Sells items Yes
Gender Male
Examine Animal skins are a specialty.
Baraek location
Baraek chathead

Baraek Brigson is a member of the criminal Phoenix Gang who poses as a fur trader in the Varrock Square. He helped Sulla and Jerrod get into the city in 165. He will purchase bear fur for 12 coins each. If you choose the option that his price is unreasonable, he will pay 18 coins each. If players are wearing the Ring of Charos (a) he will pay 20 coins each.

If players have unnoted grey wolf fur in their inventory, a new option will appear when talking to Baraek - "Would you like to buy my grey wolf fur?". He will buy them for 120 coins. If players are wearing the Ring of Charos (a), he will be persuaded to pay 150 coins per fur.

Baraek plays a small role in the quest Shield of Arrav. If players wish to be in the Phoenix Gang, he must be bribed to reveal the location of their headquarters.

If you try to buy furs from him but don't have sufficient money with you, he claims he has a family to feed. Yet in the Varrock Census, there is no other person that has the last name "Brigson". The Census is 10 years out of date, however, so it may be that he has obtained a family to care for within those 10 years.


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