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Bank chest

A bank chest is an interactive scenery item that allows quick access to a player's bank account, usually found in remote locations or places where a normal bank would not fit. Like any other banking facility it is indicated with a bank icon (Bank map icon). Bank chests can be found in the following locations:

These chests used to be very popular for training skills at a bank, because they can be opened with a left-click. This advantage was applied to bankers on 17 December 2013, making bankers and chests equally advantageous.


  • There once was a banking chest on Dragontooth Island, but Jagex removed this, because a "non-removable bug" was in the bank chest, this bug meant that players would lose anything they put in the bank chest the next day.
  • During the 2011 Easter event, the bank chest in the Land of Holly and Hawthorn had "Interest rates have been frozen" as its examine info.

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