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Bane ore rock

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Release date 14 September 2011 (Update)
Members? Yes
Quest? No
Level 77
Experience 90
Ore Bane ore
Max output 1
Location Glacor Cave
What nasty weapons can I make from this?

Bane ore rocks are rare stones that can only be mined by players with 77 Mining at the Bane ore mine, granting 90 Mining experience. They give players Bane ore when mined. Players can access the mine quickly by using the fairy ring code D•K•Q, which takes players to the mines. The player is placed in a room with unaggressive Glacors, and would be required to run past them into a small room with Movario hunting for the Stone of Jas. Near Movario is an energy barrier which encloses the bane rocks.

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