For the enemy encountered during Nomad's Elegy, see Bandosian golem (Nomad's Elegy).
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The Bandosian golems were used to both defend Bandos's convoys and to attack Armadyl's caravans during the world event, the Bird and the Beast.

There were four golem parts: the head, body, arms, and legs. Body parts could be voted on to assemble a golem with varying traits. Every part of a golem could be constructed aggressively or defensively toward caravans or attack enemy sites. Alternatively they could be equipped with a special trait that can give the following bonuses:

  • Rallying cry - special ability that aids followers in combat or construction of buildings (head)
  • Healing aura (body)
  • Stun attack (legs)
  • Increased gathering speed (arms)

The golems seemed to have had a 90% resistance against damage dealt by players.

All players who attacked the golem and dealt damage to it before it died received 5,900 renown and a high chance of sacred metal fragments, making it worthwhile to attack the golem in large numbers.

Golem concept art

Concept art

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