This article is about the Bandos armour set. For other uses, see Bandos armour set (disambiguation).
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Bandos armour set detail

A Bandos armour set is a set consisting of a bandos helmet, chestplate, tassets, boots, gloves and warshield. It can be exchanged at a Grand Exchange clerk to receive all of the pieces or to put all of the pieces back into the set.

Its components are dropped by monsters in the God Wars Dungeon and require level 70 Defence to wear. Being power armour, this set offers less defence than its Barrows counterpart Guthan's and Dharok's sets, but it has a Melee bonus and additionally a prayer bonus as well.

Components, bonuses and pricesEdit

AttributeStyle bonusPrice
Bandos helmetBandos helmet2590117--266,299
Bandos chestplateBandos chestplate2980226--2,939,729
Bandos tassetsBandos tassets2850122--1,549,820
Bandos glovesBandos gloves640111--434,332
Bandos bootsBandos boots640111--782,798
Bandos warshieldBandos warshield297351---191,150

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